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Book Title: The White House Gets A Spanking

By: Elizabeth SaFleur

Published by: Troll River Publications


The last place Washington D.C. investigative journalist Stella Martin wanted to cover was the White House. But when a friend’s request to watch over her latest submissive plaything when she’s out of town turns out to be the White House Communications Director, Stella’s sudden unwelcomed and unbearable assignment becomes quite interesting.
Laird Harkness hadn’t expected his perfect Domme would show up in his office—the most famous house in the world and a place where his secret desires could end his career. Stella calms his fears, but can she sate his craving to submit, serve and belong to someone?
About the Justice Series: 
Washington, D.C. is full of powerful women. In this series, each book will introduce one of three D.C.-based Femme Dommes—Stella, Candor and Julianna—and the submissive men who get what they need: discipline, love and a larger purpose.

The White House Gets A SpankingThe White House Gets A Spanking by Elizabeth SaFleur
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The White House Gets a Spanking was an interesting book and a fast book to read. This book gives a look at Washington DC that I am sure we will never see.

This is my second book to read by this author and I decided I would give The White House Gets a Spanking a go and decided I would read it. My preference for books in the BDSM genre would still be for female submissives instead of male ones. I love me an Alpha Male! (yes, I know that is bad grammar). Maybe if women were running the country now things would be much better off but, I digress.

This is Stella Martin’s (a Domme’) and Laird Harkness (the submissives) story. Laird is the Whitehouse Communications Director and Stella was a Whitehouse Reporter. Of course, they need to be very quiet about their relationship. The sex is very hot and sexy between the two of them. I don’t want to say more and I will let you find out about it on your own.

I enjoyed this book. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.


Meet the Author:

Writing erotic romance is the most fun I’ve ever had. (Well, except for the research.)

Many of my books are set in Washington, DC, where I lived and worked many years, running a public relations firm. In my PR career I’ve been fortunate to encounter or represent some of the city’s powerful insiders. I write, tweet and post under my pseudonym, Elizabeth SaFleur, since my clients might be a little shocked at how their counselor spends her free time. Then again, perhaps they’d fear they provided inspiration. (I’ll never tell.)

Today, I live  in Virginia with my husband and furry child. Occasionally I’m separated from my laptop to indulge in dance classes and visit wineries and hiking trails with family and friends. If there were a house fire, I’d grab my dog, laptop and five foot-long, regulation, Sally Rand ostrich feather fans — in that order. (Hubby knows the way out.)

I’m a member of the Romance Writers of America, Washington Romance Writers, and an ongoing student of fiction writing, as well as avid reader of general fiction and romance, especially the erotic kind.



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