Surprise Re-Cover! Taboo by Hilary Storm. Oh and I got my KU copy! I can’t wait to read Taboo! @hilary_storm #Taboo #SurpriseReCover #HilaryStorm

Surprise Re-Cover!

Perfect womans body

From Hilary Storm:

Taboo is one of only two of my books that was a stock photo cover. I had it redone this year with a custom shoot so that I could give it the cover the story deserves.

Taboo is an amazing story and I’m so proud to have this amazing team on my side and I feel we nailed the perfect cover for it. We were on the streets in New Orleans doing a few couple shots for Dylan and Tiffany… and also Jonny and Tiffany. I was standing in the background and could just see this picture come to life… so I do what I always do… I started to choreograph the exact looks with emotion, hand placements, clothing placement, poses… ALL of it! And even though Wander wasn’t on board with it right away saying covers with 3 models won’t sell well… I told him this cover was already sold! I knew before it was even shot… it was perfect! Oh… let’s not forget the Mardi Gras parade going on between the models and Wander and I while Jenny Flores PA was trying to get us to all to leave go eat! SO… you could say I was determined to make this happen! I’m very glad I did!

So you see, this was not only photographed by the amazing Wander Pedro Aguiar with my favorite guy and partner in chaos, Dylan Horsch… but I also got the gorgeous Tiffany Marie and Jonny James to grace this cover! If all of that wasn’t enough… Dana Leah of Designs by Dana finished off the design… AND I had the privilege of choreography! It just does NOT get any better than that right there! It takes an entire team to make art like this!

THIS is why I attend the photo shoots! This image is absolutely perfect for Taboo!

If you haven’t read this story yet… you’re missing out! Paperbacks will be available in a day or two… and I will have them at all 2018 signings!

Oh… also… this one is FREE in KU!

Amazon US:






Love isn’t always simple. In fact, it’s often extremely complicated. Sometimes it’s taboo and you have to decide just how much you care what other people think. Noah and Kali fought temptation for years, but what happens when he finally sees her again? Will he be able to handle what happens when his best friend Levi decides he’s tired of standing back from the forbidden Kali?Hilary

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