Newly Released and on sale NOW! Alien Alphas Anthology will be on sale until January 21 for 99 pennies. Tanya Rae’s review on 2 of these Novellas – Fated Possession by Cari Silverwood and Claiming His Virgin by Grace Goodwin out of the 23 authors in this book. @CariSilverwood @LuvGraceGoodwin #AlienAlphas

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Fated Possession by Cari Silverwood
While on a chaste pilgrimage to the Chasm, Sassik buys Blue to save her from violation. Yes, he will train the stubborn human and punish her when needed, but when Blue opens her legs for him, he understands the depths of his twisted desires. Selling her can be his only option.

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First off Anthology’s are a great way to discover 22 not all new to me authors.  But, mostly new to me authors.  I just need to separate some time out to finish this book.  I am going to review 2 books at this time.  

Fated Possession by Cari Silverwood

Cari is the type of author that loves pushing through boundaries and I love that about her.  And, what a way to do it in Fated Possession.  It doesn’t really have a love story ending.  But, does end in a manner that there is another book to come after this one. No terrible cliffhanger either though.  Just not a closure to this book. 

Fated Possession is part of her The Machinery of Desire Series.  Acquired Possession and Claimed Possession are the first 2 books.  That would give you some history to the happenings.  But, this Novella can easily be read as a standalone. 

Blue and Sassik are the stars in Fated Possession. There is a lot going on in this novella.  I felt a need to read it in one go and that is easily doable. 

I give Fated Possession 4 stars and look forward to reading more in this series and of Cari Silverwoods books.  They are always entertaining.

Claiming His Virgin Interstellar Brides: The Virgins Book 0.5 by Grace Goodwin. 

Helen meets her mate in a dream shared by her marked mate.  

He was a survivor – he was scarred – He wouldn’t give his name because then she would know who he is. 

He meets his marked mate Helen.   And, she has a blindfold on.  He thinks he can continue taking her this way because he doesn’t want to scare her away.  Helen has something else in mind and wants to know who is her mate. 

I really enjoyed this fast read.  A couple of hours at the most.  I love fitting in these quick & entertaining novellas. I give Claiming His Virgin 4 stars.  I look forward to reading more books by Grace Goodwin.


Claiming His Virgin- by Grace Goodwin
A Virgins Series Prequel
Claiming His Virgin- The Virgins Series – Book 0.5
Claiming Their Virgin by Grace Goodwin
They’re matched. They’re marked mates. She’s his. An Interstellar Brides: The Virgins prequel!This series is only .99 through Sunday, January 21. Hurry and read not only my novella, but 22 others! Enjoy!

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