Power Play by Lainie Suzanne is a must read! Read the snippet! Then time to buy. Tanya Rae, Lita T & Nikki K’s reviews are included @LainieSuzanne

Power Play – The Juniper Court Series

by Lainie Suzanne

Lainie Suzanne PowerPlay_eBookCover 2.20.18


If Fifty is the new Thirty, then Nina Sullivan is today’s pin-up girl. Blessed with good genes, she’s keeping the crow’s feet and laugh lines at bay, maximizing her youthful appearance. But, factor in her lackluster sex life and she’s pushing a hundred.

In the early years of their marriage, Nina and Sully consumed each other with raw, carnal passion. And then one by one, year by year, their children snuffed out the burning flames.

Now that the kids have flown the nest, Nina is ready to douse the simmering embers of her marriage with her naughty fantasies and a little kink.

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Lainie Suzanne teaser Power Play 2.20.18


I step in front of the full-length mirror to get a passing glance before heading out the door. Though my outfit is very appropriate for the office, it’s boring. I could blend in with the walls. I don’t want to blend in.  I want to stand out.  Turn heads.  Particularly, Sully’s. I want to look like a sexy siren. I want to tempt him into bending me over his desk for hard pounding.

People always ask what it’s like to work with your husband every day. The truth is, we rarely see each other during the day. Sully’s out on job sites most days. But today, he will be coming to the office to turn in payroll hours and expense reports. I still haven’t convinced him to do this digitally, which aggravates me to no end. But today, I will use his antiquated procedures to my advantage.

Rifling back through my closet, I select my black pencil skirt. I pair it with a white oxford shirt, unbuttoned down the front until the red lace of my bra peeks out from the sides. Sliding into my red, fuck me heels, I barely recognize the woman in the mirror staring back at me. She looks like a sex kitten.

Time to make my kitty purr.

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Power Play: 39 Juniper Court (The Juniper Court Series)Power Play: 39 Juniper Court by Lainie Suzanne

Tanya Rae’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Let me explain a little about the Juniper Court Series.  This is a series of books, written by indie authors who write in different sub-genres along the romance spectrum.  These include Romance, Ménage, Romantic Comedy, Gay Romance and BDSM. The series of books take place on one street, with each house having its own unique story.  The occupants of the houses would interact, giving readers a glimpse into the neighbors’ lives, but each book would offer up its own standalone romance as well.  Thanks Lainie for the description for Juniper Court Series. 

Power Play is part of the Juniper Court Series and as far as I am concerned it is a MUST read! Power Play is Sully and Nina Sullivan’s story by Lainie Suzanne.

I love how Nina and Sully met in High School 33 years ago.  They have been married for 29 years and things have gotten stale.  Nina introduces Sully to the world of BDSM through her romance books.  I love how it opens up their marriage to new things.  And, OMG the cinnamon oil scene was LOL funny.  Of course, I am sure it wasn’t to them.

Lainie Suzanne writes about realistic people.  Her characters are in their early 50’s.  Their bodies aren’t perfect.  They have flaws and, they are easily relatable characters.

Just so you know that this is a short book to read.  Goodreads says 111 pages.

These are the books in

juniper court 2.20.18

The Juniper Court Series

Project Paradise by Phoebe Alexander


The New Neighbor by Isabelle Peterson


Then Again by Sylvie Stewart


Power Play by Lainie Suzanne


Relationship Resuscitation by Jennifer Theriot


The Knock by Emme Burton


Unexpected Love by Vicki Green


7 Houses

7 Authors

7 Different Stories


I love that these books don’t have to be read in any certain order.  Power Play is the first book that I have read from the Juniper Court Series.  I HIGHLY enjoyed it and recommend it.  If you haven’t already discovered Lainie Suzanne now is the time to.  I give it 5 stars. Love the book, Love the author, Love the start for me of this new series.

Brooke Lee- Author’s Review: 5🌟‘s

Nina and Sully are without a doubt a fun couple and great pair of neighbors. But, the empty nest syndrome has crept in and Nina realizes it’s time for a change. 
Bringing sexy back into life is something many of us strive to attain at a certain age and the way Lainie Suzanne has written Nina’s story had me laughing out loud and even taking notes. I adore this couple and wish they were my neighbors. Even now, looking back at my notes in the book for this review, I was laughing out loud. The dialogue between Nina and Sully is priceless. If certain scenes from Power Play happened in real life, I’d say you can’t write this $h**, but Lainie Suzanne has done just that, and she’s done it brilliantly.
For me, this book was almost telling my story, save the children. A long time married couple in a rut, looking for new ways to spice things up. Yep, been there. Lainie has managed to turn the mid marriage crisis into a fun and sexy ride. I want so much to tell you more, because I truly did enjoy my stay with the Sullivan’s, but instead, I invite you to have a visit with them yourself. 
If, like me, you enjoy a book with true to life characters and storylines full of sexy and hilarious bits, then I strongly suggest you read this book. I, for one, loved Power Play and getting to know the neighbor’s at 39 Juniper Court.
Brooke Lee, Author

Lita T’s Review: 4 Stars

Power Play: 39 Juniper Court (The Juniper Court Series) by Lainie Suzanne is a grown folks tale of a couple who has lost their sexual magic. This a relatable story that many couples experience. Once real life takes hold of most marriages after having kids, both people working and general life issues; that sex life they use to experience has been long gone. Many women no longer pay attention to their personal appearance and they  seem to be in a rut . It isn’t intentional. It’s just life. Nina and Sully is that couple. Nina is still a good looking woman but she knows she has let herself go as far as her clothing and her and her husband’s sex life is close to non existent. She is determined to bring that spice back . She knows the love is still there between her and Sully. This is their story. What Nina does to bring sexy back was something else. I loved it. This story at times was very informational but was funny as hell. I could really relate to this story. I even picked up a few pointer. I look forward to what else will be happening at Juniper Court. I give this book 4 stars.

Lainie Suzanne Power Play teaser 2.20.18


I’m Lainie Suzanne and I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I currently live in North Carolina with my husband, my best friend, the love of my life.

I love reading Erotic Romance, but often found myself unable to relate to the characters. I wanted to read about a heroine I could relate to and thought other women would too. The heroine in Nexus, Katherine, is in her mid-forties, divorced, curvaceous, insecure, sassy, and feels self-conscious about her body. Things many women can relate to. I like to say I write Realistic Erotic Romance.

I’ve always had a love affair with vampires, so I decided to merge eroticism and vampirism and my novella, Blood Moon was born.

I never thought of myself as a writer, and honestly, I still don’t. I have stories and characters in my head that I want to know more about and see what kind of wicked kinkery they can get into along the way. My characters mean a lot to me; they’re part of me.

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The Nexus Series

NEXUS – The Core of Erotic Desires – Nexus Series # 1

Katherine Stevens is divorced with a recently empty nest. She lives a so-called normal life. With dates few and far between, which she blames on her plump, full figure; Katherine’s desires are met vicariously through the characters of her favorite erotic novels.
When Katherine’s best friend arranges a “Girls Night Out” at NEXUS, a local BDSM club, she is thrust into the erotic world she’s always secretly desired. Unbeknownst to her, Katherine catches the eye of the club owner, Master Isaac. He makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

Retired from the Navy, Isaac Jameson took the reins of his family’s construction company. With extensive knowledge and training in the BDSM lifestyle, Isaac opened NEXUS, a BDSM club and training center. 
The betrayal of his wife and the deception of his former sub, Isaac has sworn off relationships. His play comes from the training of subs, which requires zero commitment. For years, he’s hampered his possessive needs and trust, but this redheaded vixen is taunting his possessive beast within.

As Isaac introduces Katherine to her most erotic desires, evil is lurking around her. Will she find strength in her new lifestyle or will it destroy her?

Purchase links:
Kindle – http://bit.ly/Nexuskindle
Kobo http://bit.ly/Nexuskobo
B & N – http://bit.ly/NexusBandN
iTunes – http://bit.ly/NexusAppleiTunes

SOLEIL – The Nexus Series #2

Divorced and settled into single life, Debra planned a “Girls Night Out” to rival all, arranging a visit to Nexus, a local BDSM club, for a her best friend Katherine. To their surprise, Katherine catches the eye of the club owner, Isaac, igniting a scorching hot connection that has led to their engagement.

Though she loved her visit to Nexus, Debra has shunned her friend’s invitations to become a member, feeling she would be a third wheel to the engaged couple. Then fate intervenes and Debra gets an invitation to Nexus from someone she can’t deny. 

In her mid-forties, Debra is on the verge of experiencing a life she never realized she desired. Her new found erotic fantasies have her exploring life’s most taboo behaviors with not one, but two Alpha males who have stolen her heart. Throwing caution to the wind, Debra embarks on a journey to find love, that could ultimately lead to the destruction of her heart. 

Believing she’s found the road to happiness, guilt and shame consume her when a tragic loss thrusts her ex-husband back into her life, dredging up regrets of the past.

Will Debra embrace the new life she’s discovered at Nexus or will she allow old feelings and close-minded ideals to derail her happiness and a chance at love?

***Warning – This book is meant for mature audiences 18 years and older. Scenes include MFM menage, anal play, BDSM themes

Kindle – http://bit.ly/KindleSoleil

Kobo – http://bit.ly/SoleilKobo
iTunes – http://bit.ly/SoleiliTunes
B&N – http://bit.ly/SoleilBandN

DECEIT ~ The Nexus Series #3

Gina’s been drawn to the dark and mysterious Leo, since the moment he first returned to Nexus. However, her sordid past prevents from offering her complete submission.

Leo put up a good fight, but Gina’s natural submissiveness taunts his sadistic nature. Leo demands open and honest communication, something Gina struggles with.

Can Gina endure Leo’s demanding ways or will her past destroy her and those closest to her, including newlyweds, Katherine and Isaac?

Kindle – http://bit.ly/DECEITKindle

iTunes – http://bit.ly/DeceitiTunes

Nook – http://bit.ly/DeceitBandN

Kobo – http://bit.ly/DeceitKobo

WICKED ~ The Nexus Series #4


You know them.

You envy them.

You secretly crave to be WITH them.

They are WICKED!

Discover the lascivious and tantalizing journey of Charlotte and Edward and how they became the Dynamic Duo of Nexus.

Kindle – http://bitly.com/Wicked-LS

Nook – http://bit.ly/WICKEDNOOK

iTunes – http://bit.ly/WickedLSiTunes

FATE –  The Prequel to NEXUS – Isaac’s Story – FREE to readers signing up for my newsletter

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PERNICIOUS – The Nexus Series #5

A local murder investigation led by Lt. Patrick Donovan draws the attention of the FBI, immersing him into the heinous and secretive world of human trafficking.

With no leads, the FBI investigation turns toward local fetish clubs. Patrick is torn between duty and family when the club he belongs to becomes a target.

Worlds collide and friendships are tested.

The age-old battle of good vs. evil.

But evil doesn’t always wear a mask.

Kindle – http://amzn.to/2gMnd7I

BLOOD MOON is my journey into Erotic Paranormal. It’s a delicious Erotic Vampire Novella  

Kindle – http://bit.ly/BloodMoonNovella

Two years ago, Melaina Harrison’s boyfriend was killed in an accident and her life has been in a rut since. Each day merging into the next. Then one fateful night, a dark and seductive stranger walks into her life and shifts her world off its axis. Her new lover’s incredible perception of her wants and desires has her reeling in ecstasy; as if he knows her every thought.

Keres Re is beautiful, intelligent, strong; the epitome of the perfect woman. The perfect vampire. Men fall at her feet, both vampire and human. What more could a woman want? Keres wants what all women want, the love of her life. She found her eternal love, however Andrew died in a tragic accident before Keres had a chance to capture his heart for forever. The death she blames on one person – Melaina Harrison.

For two years, Keres has plotted and formulated a plan to avenge the death of her intended eternal lover. She enlists the help of her brother Marco to execute her vengeance.

Will Melaina discover her lover’s true existence or will Keres enact her revenge?

Blood Moon Rising  – Blood Moon Series #2

Keres Re was a prominent member of her coven. Her dedication, as well as her intelligence and hard work, landed her a prestigious position on the council. In doing so, she earned the respect and confidence of the coven leader, Lord Sebastian.

However, a series of unfortunate events distorted Keres judgement and she allowed jealousy and revenge to destroy everything she had worked so hard to achieve. After breaking most of the coven laws, she finds herself repenting for her indiscretions at the mercy of her leader.

Lord Sebastian provides Keres an opportunity to work through her conflicting feelings, however she rejects his efforts at every turn. Her defiance and stubborn behavior spurs a darker side to Lord Sebastian that Keres has never experienced.

Can Keres endure Lord Sebastian’s wrath or will an unsuspecting adversary destroy the entire coven?

Purchase – http://amzn.to/2nbrKld

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