Primal Darkness by Barb Shuler is FREE Feb 23-27!!! @HerCountryGirl

Primal Darkness by Barb Shuler is FREE
Feb 23-27!!!


Primal Darkness
Publish Date: September 26, 2017
Genre: Dark Paranormal Romantic Thriller; Urban Fantasy



When darkness falls, her salvation comes from within the shadows.

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Darkness knows no bounds, nothing tethers it to reality. Darkness is in the eye of the beholder. Primal instincts run through us all, a call to the wilder side of life, a call to arms for those of us that shift within the shadows. When the darkness and the primal instincts merge, no one is safe.


Faith and fate are pulled to the forefront and all that is left is a choice. Do you join the darkness, or do you run and try to let faith lead you to your salvation?


My name is Emerson Davenport and this is my choice. My life hangs in the balance if I chose wrong. The dominoes of destiny have started to fall, now it’s up to me to outrun them and the darkness that rides the wave that crests at my door.


Either way, death is coming.

** What Others Are Saying **

This is the best paranormal book I have read in a long time. Ms. Shuler combines just the right amount of shifters and romance, it’s a winning combination. This is the first book I’ve read by this author and it won’t be the last. ~ Ashley Carr, Amazon Reviewer


What I loved about this book was that the author kept coming up with surprises. These surprises have you turning the page because you wonder what else this author has up her sleeve. ~ Lynn Reynolds, Amazon Reviewer


This book left me feeling cranky and unconscionable… Why???? BECAUSE IT ENDED
From cover to cover I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters are amazing and the writing kept me on my toes. This book will keep you wanting more and be prepared to curse out the author while throwing your kindle down in frustration. So many emotions will be ripped from your soul while dead in this book. Definitely one-click this book today. ~ Kelly Marshall, Amazon Reviewer


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