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Title: Possessive
Author: Willow Winters
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: March 13, 2018

From USA Today bestselling author Willow Winters, comes a provocative, standalone, contemporary romance.

Some men are born with a black heart and a tainted soul.
I never liked to admit it back then; I thought I could outrun who I am and lie to myself.
But I accept the truth now.

It’s in my blood and in my bones. In every impure thought and desire.
I tried to leave. To do the right thing and walk away from my past.
But then she came back into my life.

Stumbling towards me and looking up at me as if I’m the one she’s been looking for all this time.
As if I could be her savior and take her pain away.
If only she knew.

She turns me into what I hate most about myself.
Selfish, ruthless, possessive.
I tried to be a good man. To be cold and distant and warn her away.

She should have taken the hint and run.
She didn’t…
And now she’s mine .

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Lita T’s Review: 4 stars
Possessive by Willow Winters.  Addison is trying to get her life back on track. Years ago she had lived an abused and neglectful family life till she met Tyler. Tyler loves her and makes her feel safe, something she hadn’t felt in a long time. When she meets Tyler’s older brother Daniel she realizes she will never love Tyler the way he loves her. After going back and forth she finally ends things with Tyler. She cares for him that much. Unfortunately Tyler ends up getting killed and Addison blames herself. Now in a new town trying to make a new start she runs into an old friend.  Addison is the last person Daniel expected to see. He has had a thing for her every since his little brother Tyler brought her to thier home.  Now she is back into his life and he has no intentions on letting her go. This is their tale of them trying to have a relationship when there is hurt, lies, guilt and secrets. An interesting story that was told in an interesting way. The story was told going back and  forth between the present and the past. This was how the story unfolded and we learn everyone’s story. There were even a few surprises. I did enjoy this story  and look forward to the continuation of this family saga. I give this story 4 stars.
Bettina A’s Review: 3.5 stars

Addison is a foster child that has a bad childhood. There’s always sadness in her eyes that some people choose to nor see. Addison has been dating Tyler but she desires someone else. Torn between being loved by Tyler and wanting someone else she chooses to walk away. Fast forward five years later Addison is still haunted by her past. By the boy who loved her and the man she wanted in secret.  After watching Tyler die Addison had to run away from the only people she knew as family. In a new town’s bar Addison hears a voice of her past that she could never forget. A voice that still stirs up feelings inside her. Daniel is not a nice guy. He’s had a hard childhood after the death of his mother and a father who took his belt to the oldest siblings. Having to compensate for their father Daniel and his brother took to the family business. Everyone knows what they do is shady but Tyler. Daniel always saw the sadness in her eyes when she was with Tyler. Daniel made it a point to avoid Assidon and Tyler when they were home. Five years later Daniel is surprised to see Addison in a bar that he visits and does business. After all these years his feelings for her has not changed. There is finally  no one in the way of Daniel claiming Addison for himself, but the past isn’t soo easy to forget. There are secrets that can take the one thing Addison and Daniel has wanted for the longest. Each other.
First and foremost o would like to say that I like the cover. I enjoyed reading this book. Although I thought it was going to be darker than what I read. I liked the characters but didn’t feel a real connection to them. I just felt like something was missing. Daniel is someone who is supposed to be bad** and yet he’s begging Addison not to leave him. I would still recommend this book for others to read.

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Author Bio

Willow Winters is so happy to be a USA Today, Wall Street Journal and #1 Contemporary Bestselling Romance Author. She likes her action hot and her bad boys hotter. She certainly doesn’t hold back on either one in her writing!Willow started writing after having her little girl, Evie, December 2015. All during her pregnancy with Evie she continued to read and she only wanted to read romance. She was reading a book a day — sometimes two.

In January 2016 Willow was staying up late with Evie and just thinking of all these stories. They came to her constantly so she finally sat down and just started writing. She always wanted to do it so she figured, why not? Today Willow cannot be happier for making that decision!


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