Depredation by Natalie Bennett has been released! Lita T’s Review is included! @AuthorNBennett @EJBookPromos

Title: Depredation
Author: Natalie Bennett
Genre: Dark Erotic Thriller
Release Date: August 15, 2018
Kidnapped. Tortured. Corrupted.
He stole me away in the middle of the night.
A windowless cell with a floor of stone became my new home.
His many victims became my temporary friends.
He took and he took until I had nothing left to entertain him with.
And then I was abandoned and left to die, just like all the other girls.
He has no idea I’m alive.
He doesn’t know he woke the devil inside me.
When I find him, nothing in the world will be strong enough to save his tar black soul.
18+ Reader discretion is highly advised!

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Lita T’s Review:

Depredation by Natalie Bennett is the story of Harper. Working at the gas station a customer comes when she was about to close the store. She has a strange feeling about him. One he knew her name even though she didn’t have a name tag and two he bought strange stuff. Abducted by the customer she wakes up naked with a chain around her ankle inside a cage. Harper’s story is told going and forth between the present and her time of captivity. J knows he is a sick individual. This a sport for him. He had taken many girls. The previous ones are not special like Harper. J has never kept one as long as Harper. He is a sick and depraved individual and the things he does to Harper! It is amazing she is functioning at all. Thinking he killed her J goes on with his life unbeknownst to him Harper is still alive. She has revenge on her mind. I love how this author writes her sick, dark and twisted stories. Her books are not for the faint at heart. Cringe worthy with a twist that will have you screaming by the end of the book. FYI I do believe there will be a book 2 and I can’t wait to read it. Bring it on!!!!!!!! A 4.5 star read.

She has a penchant for writing about villainous immoral men, crazed anti-heroines, and tends to deviate away from traditional HEAs.She likes chocolate, Netflix, and Prickly Pear Margaritas.

When she isn’t writing she’s hanging out in the sunshine state with her husband, their three boys, and her pitbull named Lulu.

You can find Natalie on Social Media! Natalie Bennett is your average socially awkward author that turns her spontaneous head ramblings into stories.



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