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When Nate Davidson learns there’s a bounty on Wolf Stone’s head, he shoves aside the hurt and bitterness of the past and volunteers to serve on his protective detail. Trouble is, their well-respected commander doesn’t want any help.

Their first angry kiss reignites a passion that time has not diminished, and the stunning addition of the beautifully submissive Kayla Fagan to their relationship changes their dynamic in sexy ways they never could have imagined.

But as a hitman closes in, Kayla and Nate want more from Wolf. They want him to share his deepest secrets…and his love. Wolf’s wounds run deep, and love is the one thing he’s incapable of offering.

Kayla Fagan unfolded her legs. For a second, her actions reminded Stone of a butterfly unfurling its wings.
He took a seat in the oversize leather chair. She and Nate Davidson had left the wingback chair vacant for him. “You needed to talk?”
“Yeah. About that…” She stood in a lithe movement that captivated him, made him aware of her femininity.
Men and women were built different, and he was a connoisseur of both. He pressed his palms together and waited.
“I want to play.”
“Go on.”
She paced. Then, with her back to a wall, she admitted, “I’m intrigued.”
Her soft-spoken admission aroused him.
“I just…don’t want anything extreme.”
“You want to stay in control while you’re out of control?”
She nodded.
“You’ll have a safe word. And a slow word. We can go at your pace.”
“Your safe word will stop any activity,” Davidson said. “You can always say no. Your Dom, Stone, will honor that. You get to set boundaries and negotiate terms. Your pleasure is our ultimate goal.
Watching the two of them was entertaining as hell to Stone.
“My pleasure is the only thing that matters?” Clearly, she was confused, and a little intrigued, if the glint in her green eyes was anything to judge by.
“Make no mistake,” Davidson continued, “if you have any desire to submit or learn about submission, Stone is the Dom you want.”
“Davidson’s right.” Stone leaned forward. “We’ll go slow. I’ll check in with you a lot. By watching you, I’ll know when you’re at your limit, even if you don’t realize it. You’ll never be taken anywhere you don’t want to go, or any place I deem unsafe.”
He couldn’t help himself.
Desire for this woman with her intense green eyes and untamed auburn hair drove him to distraction.
Standing, he crossed to Fagan and closed his hands around her shoulders. He helped her up until she stood facing him, her head tipped back to meet his gaze.
Then he captured her head and kissed her long, hard, deep. Nothing punishing, nothing dominant, just gentle reassurance.
She tasted of wine, spicy and rich. And then, moments later…of surrender.
His cock pressed against his zipper, insistently, demandingly. Did she recognize her power?
Fagan swayed toward him, taking the role of the aggressor. Her tongue plunged deep into his mouth. And he was suddenly commiserating with how desperate Davidson had been to orgasm.
Eventually, she pulled away. “Oh. Hmm. Well. Wow.”
“Just for the record,” he said, holding her close, one hand just above her rear, the other between her shoulder blades, “I want to have sex with you. Whether or not that happens is completely your call.”

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TaSTy WordGasms Review banner 1.3.18
Come to Me (Hawkeye Book 1)Come to Me by Sierra Cartwright
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Come to Me is the first book in the Hawkeye series. This is Wolf Stones, Nate Davidson, & Kayla Fagan’s story. Wolf and Nate have a past and when Nate discovers Wolf has a bounty on his head, he decided on his own to help. Only problem is Wolf didn’t want his help.

Kayla lied her way into Wolf’s home. He thought she was a Physical Therapist. Only she was assigned by Hawkeye Security to also help Wolf due to the bounty on him. They all worked for Hawkeye Security. Wolf being one of Hawkeye’s best.

Wow this story is Hot! I have come to expect Sierra Cartwright’s book to have this wow factor and I knew when I saw that she had a new series I bought this book and it barely sat on my kindle before I had to read it! That’s a want to read it and I am fitting it in between a few ARC’s. That’s how bad I knew I wanted to read it.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Wolf is VERY Alpha!!! Now that is the kind of man I love! What a way to spend time in hiding from a bounty on you!

Evidently Wolf doesn’t really know what a “relationship” is? And, he needs to learn it.

Come to Me is a short story and easily read in a morning. I loved this sexy story. I give it 4.5 stars.


USA Today Best-Selling Author, Winner of the 2015 Best BDSM Book of the year (Bind), 2015 Reader’s Choice Best Erotic Romance (Bind), 2015 Golden Flogger (Crave), 2014 LASR Book of the Year award (In The Den), 2013 Best BDSM Book of the Year award (Over The Line), Golden Flogger Award 2015 nominee for her books Command, Bind, and Brand.

Sierra was born in Manchester, England where she spent her early years traipsing through castles. After living in Denver for a number of years, the internationally acclaimed author now resides in Galveston, Texas. She loves the way history blends with Southern manners (being called “sugar” is an experience unto itself).

She invites you to join her on a sensual journey where the limits are explored and expanded.

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