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Faith Gibson presents
Stone Society Book 11

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Heโ€™s a special kind of Gargoyle. Sheโ€™s a different kind of shifter. As their worlds collide, they must work together to save humanity from a monster.

Tamian St. Claire, the worldโ€™s first clone, is a special Gargoyle. Until recently, he spent his life following as his sisterโ€™s shadow. When Tamian investigates a spy in their midst, not only does he come across a badass government agent who turns out to be his mate, but he discovers a species of shifter the Gargoyles werenโ€™t aware of.


Lucy Ball spent her formative years learning genetics from her uncle. Her life was safe and rather boring another until sheโ€™s given two choices: join the GIA or go to jail. As an agent for the Global Intelligence Agency, Lucy uses their computers to aid her family in finding and taking down the Ministry โ€“ a religious faction responsible for the near-apocalypse thirty years ago.

When Lucy is assigned a new position, she is thrown into a world she wouldnโ€™t wish on anyone. As Lucy is held captive in a laboratory where sheโ€™s tasked with following in her uncleโ€™s footsteps, she relies on the one person who can save her โ€“ Tamian St. Claire.

As Gargoyles meet Gryphons, they will have to work together to save Lucy from the madness.

5 Stars from Lita

I have been waiting for this book for quite sometime and I was over the moon to have gotten my hands on a copy of this book.

Tamian has found his mate in Harlow aka Lucy. After giving him the slip in Norway he ends up back in the United States trying to find out more about his mate. Lucy knows she is being followed and has been able to give Tamian the slip. She knows there is something between them she just doesn’t know what it is. Their cat and mouse game is cute.

In this story we learn who Tamian really is and how he became the person he is today. He is happy over the fact he has a mate something he never expected the fates to give him. Like with the author’s previous stories not only do we get to catch up with the other characters but we learn more about others. I love the way this author tells a story as well her characters. I seem to care about them all, good or bad. I can say I got very little sleep because I couldn’t put this book down. Each book I read in this series I fall in love with and don’t think the next book could get better. But they do! There are so many characters that I want to get a book next. Anyone will do.

There was so much to Tamian and Lucy that I would have loved several more chapters to this book. 5 stars

5 Stars from Nikkiย 

As Tessa’s brother and the world’s first clone, Tamian has lead a different kind of life. He grew up thinking he was a freak, an afterthought even. In the previous 10 books in the Stone Society series, we get teased with bits and pieces of the Goyle, but never really get a sense of who he is. Now that we finally get his book, we are treated to the story behind the brooding male.

In Uriah, we learned about Harlow, a neighbor of Uri’s and Banyon’s parents in Norway. She was suspected of being a spy, watching the Gargoyles. Tamian goes to visit and he is taken by the young beauty. When we pick up the storyline in Tamian, he has started to feel the pull of the mate bond, but he doesn’t immediately recognize the signs. He enlists the help of Jullian to learn more about the female. The pair are able to uncover enough to have Tamian traverse the globe in an effort to uncover her true identity. By the time Tam and Harlow come face to face, he is fully aware she is his mate. What he doesn’t know is that Harlow has well kept secrets of her own. Secrets that rock the shifter world.

Yep, Harlow or Lucy (as is her given name), is also a shifter, only she is not a Gargoyle. She is a Gryphon. The Gryphons have, until now, managed to keep their existence hidden to both humans and the Gargoyle, but now that the fates have chosen Lucy for Tamian’s mate, the secrets of the Gryphon are revealed.

Lucy finds herself in a world of trouble when her late uncle’s genetic research associate comes demanding her assistance to further his work. Tamian, the Stone Society and the Gryphons (AKA The Hounds of Zeus), butt heads in their plans to ensure Lucy’s safety. As her fated mate, Tamian will not let anyone get in his way, not even her family.

I have to thank the author, Faith Gibson, for bringing back Tessa, one of my favorite female leads, as a main character in this book. She adds her own brand of humor and an emotional connection for Tam. While nobody will ever take the place of Frey as my favorite Goyle, Tamian has definitely worked his way into my top three.

All I can say is WOW! I love this book and all of the characters, both old and new! The story was intriguing and at times even a little creepy when I read about the research lab. That said, it’s an amazing story! Tamian had me wanting more with each page and looking forward to the next in the Stone Society and the coming spin off series, The Hounds of Zeus. I cannot tell you how excited I am about the new series! If you want a great exciting read, tangled with sexy romance, this is a for sure MUST READ!

I give this book 5 Stellar stars!

*Cover by Jay Aheer of Simply Defined Art

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