Dirty Bitches MC Season 2 by Avelyn Paige, Geri Glenn, GM Scherbert, Winter Travers is out now! Check out Lita T’s Review at the end of this post. @givemebooksblog @dirtybitchesmc @AvelynPaige @authorgeriglenn #GMScherbert @WinterTravers

Title: Dirty Bitches MC: Season 2
Authors: Avelyn Paige, Geri Glenn,
GM Scherbert, & Winter Travers
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: November 16, 2018


Four lucky
readers are prospecting for a place in the Dirty Bitches MC. Magnolia Springs
will never be the same again. Written by four Internationally Bestselling
Authors, The Dirty Bitches MC is an author/reader experience unlike any before
it, where the reader dreams up the story and the author gives it life.

Lost Highway -
Avelyn Paige and Dani Lawson

Della Lane’s path in life has always been a dark and treacherous one.
After escaping an abusive marriage, she’s found her family in the Dirty Bitches
MC, and the freedom she’s been looking for. Her life is finally back on track,
until a robbery brings a handsome stranger barreling into her life. One that is
now hell bent on protecting her, when her stalker ex-husband decides their
divorce isn’t so final after all. 

Lay Your Hands
On Me – Winter Travers and Nikki Horn

Being Stiletto’s baby sister has never been easy for Kit Bane. She
wants nothing more than to be out of her shadow and to prove to both her sister
and herself that she is worthy of being one of the Dirty Bitches. But when one
man comes crashing into her life, she can’t help but wonder if being a prospect
for the DBMC is really what she wants or if life outside of Magnolia Springs is
what she actually needs.

No Regrets -
Geri Glenn and Carissia Beckler

Onyx Schmidt is a single mom with a busy life she wouldn’t trade for
the world. Between her son, her job and prospecting for a place in The Dirty
Bitches MC, Onyx doesn’t have a lot of time to herself. When two broody,
muscular men show up on her doorstep, winning over her son, and sending her
ovaries into overdrive, Onyx knows life will never be the same again. But can
she juggle a new relationship made up of three people when things with both her
son and her club are in jeopardy?

’Til We Ain’t
Strangers Anymore – GM Scherbert and Liz Preston

The Dirty Bitches MC is a family so different, yet so much more than
the one Billie Jo grew up with. Working at Stained Skin and seeing the way the
club have each other’s backs, she wants nothing more than to be a part of the
sisterhood, even if it does mean Titz is her sponsor. Dubbed Triple D, Billie
Jo’s new role as prospect comes just as the man she thought would be her
forever slaps her with a truth that shatters her heart and nearly crushes her
spirit. But when she is confronted by a second man – one she thought she’d
never see again – 3D has to decide … will she be able to get her tattoo
and give ‘em too?

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Dirty Bitches MC

Lita T’s Review: 4.5 Stars

Dirty Bitches MC: Season 2 by Avelyn Paige, Geri Glenn, GM Shubert & Winter Travers is the next installment about the Dirty Bitches. This book is four stories about 4 different prospects. Each lady has issues they need to overcome and the ladies of the club is their way to living. First story is Della’s aka Shotz. She has left a verbally,  emotionally and physically abuse marriage. A childhood friend of Dixie aka Rogue. The next is Kit who is River aka Stiletto ‘s kid sister. Kit is still trying to find herself.  Next story is Onyx aka Cutz. She is sponsored by Links. Cutz is in a dry spell when it comes to sex. On a girls night out Cutz encounters not one but two men. And last is Billie Jo aka Triple D. She has a poor track record when it comes to men. When a blast from her past appears things get interesting. I can say I like some story better than others but each story was good. As always Titz is a hoot and a sexual deviant of the highest order and it is also nice to catch up with the rest of the club.  You can read this book as a standalone but I would suggest reading season 1 first.  A 4.5 star read for me. I wonder where the authors will take the next book. I guess I will just have to wait.

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