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Title: Cavalier
Series: Crimson Elite #1
Author: T.L. Smith
Genre: Romance (standalone)
Release Date: December 27, 2018
Welcome to Crimson Elite, the most exclusive sex club in the world.
Enter at your own risk, and always remember our number one rule—
You must never speak of Crimson Elite—the punishment is severe.
Creed ‘Too Hot For Words’ Christopher
If God created the perfect man he would closely resemble Creed, on the outside that is.
He’s as cavalier as they come. Unconcerned. Cold. Dismissive. I wonder if he has any feelings at all.
And when his lips touch mine, everything goes black. He takes me into his world, and it’s the most magical thing I’ve ever experienced.
And I’m sucked in time and time again.
Like a moth to the flame, I am ready to be set alight.
Elicea ‘F*cks With My Head’ Beckham
Elicea is a firecracker. She has piqued my interest, and no one piques my interest anymore.
Beautiful women are what I do—it’s my work.
Not one of them has managed to get their claws into me the way she does. It’s as if she’s seeing my ice heart and trying to set it alight with each touch of her sinful lips.
But that can’t work, it won’t work.
Not in my world.


Cavalier (Crimson Elite, #1)Cavalier by T.L. Smith

Tanya Rae’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cavalier is book 1 in the new series Crimson Elite. And, to quote a sentence from the blurb. I was attracted like a moth to the flame” to this book! I am always attracted to T.L. Smith’s books and this book is no exception.

Cavalier is good it’s so very very good! I stayed up late and back up early just to read. This is the kind of book making it hard to put it down to go to sleep.

This is Christopher Creed & Elicia Beckham’s story. Creed is a bad man. He offered Elicea a job making more money at Crimson Elite and she took it.

Once she finds out what kind of a man he is. “She tells him she doesn’t want this”. As in a relationship with him. She can’t stay away but, he can’t either.

Creed’s friends Darby “D”, Falcon, Echo & all co-owners of the Crimson Elite an exclusive sex club. Once you enter you can’t leave and you can never, never, never speak of the club to anyone and believe me the punishment is severe and bad.

There is an Oh S-*-*-t moment. In, fact there are several of those moments.

Creed can love after-all, he loves his “ma”.

BTW this is a dark story but, not as dark as T.L. Smith has written previously. At least that is my opinion.

I loved reading Cavalier and I am hoping that we will get more books with Creed’s friends & co-owners to Crimson Elite. Oh, and now I need to go and take a nap. 5 stars

Lita T’s Review: 4 Stars

Cavalier by T.L Smith Elicea and her best friend work at this bar where skimpy outfits are required. She isn’t quite cut out for the handsy customers. Her attitude gets in the way. She needs her job. It is the only thing keeping her from being homeless. However not being able to take the groping she loses her cool. When she ends up meeting Creed at her job he offers her a job at twice her pay. Of course she is sceptical. Creed is part owner in Crimson Elite and exclusive sex club. There is something about this Elicea that has gotten his attention. Creed is not a very nice person and is a man of few words. Their relationship is a strange one. Creed is not a touchy feely type of person. He is more of a hit it and quit it. A strange relationship that made for a good story. Creed’s actions are giving Elicea whiplash. Elicea has Creed off his game. Two unlikely people developing feelings for each other when they both know it is a bad ideal. This was my first time reading this author. I enjoyed this story. The characters were definitely interesting and I would be interested in each of the club owners getting their own story. Would like to read more about Creed and Elicea. Two strong will people who have no problem standing their own ground. 4 stars


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