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Title: Martyris
Series: Cavalieri Della Morta Series
Author: Yolanda Olson
Genre: Romance Suspense
Release Date: April 18, 2019
I like to think of myself as the good guy.


The kind of man that will take a beating or a bullet for my brothers and not think twice about it. But anyone that knows my story has only seen the tip of the proverbial iceberg and my intentions sometimes resemble the Titanic.
It’s when I lose control.
I do my best to love and respect everyone because some people need it more than others—even the ones that don’t deserve it.
My name is Gareth Bresett and the only thing that matters to me in this world is Bentlee Gains. I’ll do everything I can to keep her safe from every evil in this world, including myself.
Because while I like to think that I’m the good guy, I find more pleasure in taking out a mark than I do being in her arms.
Regardless of who that mark happens to be.
Enticing Journey REVIEW Label blog 1.21.18

Lita T’s Review: 4.5 Stars

Martyris (Cavalieri Della Morte series #3) by Yolanda Olson is the next book in the series. Gareth is one of Arthur’s assassins.  His weapon of choice is special made gloves that will tear and mutilate his victims. Gareth loves his job and his gloves. Unlike the other stories in the series, Gareth works out of Las Vegas. This story really threw me for a loop. His assignment from Arthur is to take out a target, unfortunately he has to figure out who it is. His only choices are the girl in his life or one of his own. This story took me on a journey down the rabbit hole. By the time I got to the end all I could do was say “What the heck.” This was my first time reading this author and now I am curious regarding her storytelling style. I love books with a twist and leave me saying I didn’t see that coming. My only issue was that the story was to short for me. I was left wanting more. I give this story 4.5






Yolanda Olson is an award winning and international bestselling author. Born and raised in Bridgeport, CT where she currently resides, she usually spends her time watching her favorite channel, Investigation Discovery. Occasionally, she takes a break to write books and test the limits of her mind. Also an avid horror movie fan, she likes to incorporate dark elements into the majority of her books. 


You can keep in touch with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.




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