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Title: Mitch: Formed in Fire (Brothers of War, 3)
Author: Lora Ann
Genre(s): Paranormal Romance, Dark Urban Fantasy, Supernatural Thriller




Out of the ashes … we rise.

Heaven and Hell are about to get a little closer.
He is handpicked to be the liaison to the Angels. But Captain Mitch Rolston needs them to face the truth—wrong choice. He turns to the one angel who should understand.

But Lars is not like his brothers. Once a Fallen One aiding Mitch’s enemy, and now, a Commander of the In Between.

Shelby lies in a hospital haunted by her memories. Her Guardian in training breaks the rules to mend her broken heart and inadvertently opens the door for a Fallen One. The result…a miracle.

The Angels and Shelby find themselves in a race to save Mitch as prophesy unfolds.
If these lovers survive, they will learn firsthand what it means to be formed in fire.




Chapter One

A hammer pounding a nail filled the air. He didn’t want to be here and saw no reason for pomp and circumstance. Ceremonies in general never resonated well with him. But recognition, yeah, that took him to a place he had zero desire to revisit. Ever. He tried to reason with Michan, the Seraphim in charge of the Angel Army over this region. He even argued with the Prince of the jurisdiction which Laish admonished him for. When it was apparent Light wouldn’t listen to reason, Mitch went to have a chat with a slightly darker leader.
“Lars, for the love of God, stop this nonsense,” he half pleaded, half growled.
“Captain, you need to make peace with this shit that has your panties in a wad.” The level stare aimed directly at his jugular held more power than his words.
He found himself somewhat intimidated. No, that wasn’t quite right. Mitch discovered under that all-knowing gaze that he was just called out, a proverbial Colosseum moment—though well-deserved and of his own making. “So, that’s that,” he grumbled.
Lars got up close and personal, staring him down. “Only you can tell shame and guilt where to go and how to get there.” His glance over Mitch’s shoulder told a story of its own.
“Demons,” he deadpanned.
“Aye. They are humping you like you’re the bitch in heat.”
“What if I’m not as strong as you think I am?” he challenged.
Lars got nose to nose with him. “Do not play the pussy card with me, Captain.”
He fought the gulp; facing off with the formidable Angel that was neither fallen nor pure came with its own danger. But for whatever reason, it made Lars more trustworthy in his eyes. “Better question, what if I don’t want to?”
The Angel took a step back. “I can relate to some extent on that. Do you think,” glancing to his raven wing, “I haven’t had my doubts too?” He scoffed, “An Angel In Between carries equal parts inside. I still crave to toy and torment.” His gaze as pointed as those words.
“Ah, and I’m tempting you,” he declared.
“Aye. But, Mitch, my choices are what landed me in a position of constant push and pull. The better question for you to ask yourself is, are you able to live with the consequences of yours?”
His anger tipped the scale. “Do not pretend you don’t wrestle with yours.”
Lars’ demeaner shifted as Mitch stepped back. “What I deal with is none of your fucking business. I am not human, Captain, nor have I ever been.” The warning loud and clear.
Not one to ever back down, he moved in closer. “I expected you, out of all of them, to grasp what it feels like to let down those you love.”
“Sugarcoat it with someone who cares to listen to you whine.” The Angel’s voice was fierce. “My sins have been judged.” His white wing gave a little wink. “Regret is not something I carry. What’s done is done. Get your ass in gear, Captain. Quit wasting my damn time.”
He found himself on his ass and alone once more. His jaw ached from the punch Lars’ wing delivered upon his departure.
“He could’ve killed you if he wanted.”
“Kian.” His head bowed.
“Mitch,” offering his hand, “let’s go for a walk.”
“That’s never a comforting thing to hear,” he hedged.
“Wasn’t meant to be.” Kian’s steps heavy with thought. “I would apologize for my brother’s brash attitude, but I’m not so sure he’s that far off the mark.” His pointed gaze lanced through Mitch.
In for the penny, in for the pound. “I shouldn’t have been chosen. You both know that.”

*Authors note: an ongoing series. This book can be read as a standalone but may contain spoilers from previous books in the series.


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About the Author

A homeschooling mom by day and hot, steamy romance writer by night, there isn’t an adventure Lora Ann doesn’t mind taking.
The love of travel led her to the career of an international flight attendant as a young adult. And she still loves to travel, although her “wings” are now retired. Spending time with her sons, friends, hiking, and disappearing into the realm of all things possible, are just a few of her favorite things.
Lora does believe in happily-ever-after but knows that it doesn’t come without hard work and fight. Her stories reflect that real-life struggle and those who seek to destroy. Not only does Lora write romance, but she blends in action and adventure, suspense, crime, along with jaw dropping thrillers. Her newest genre is paranormal and dark urban fantasy. Buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life as you dive into her books.
She loves to hear from her readers as much as she loves hearing which book of hers is your favorite. Drop her an email:


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