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Undefeated (Blood Bond Saga Vol 5)  
by #1 New York Times Bestselling author Helen Hardt
Genre: Paranormal Romance

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#Undefeated #BloodBondSaga #HelenHardt #WaterhousePress #BareNakedWords





Erin Hamilton follows Dante Gabriel back into hell—the underground compound where he was held for a decade—to confront the woman who held him captive. Finally unmasked, she seems to hold Dante under her influence. Erin has faith in Dante’s strength and determination, though, especially when the mysterious Vampyre Texts reveal their first secret.
Dante struggles to regain his control, even as he grows stronger and the darkness rises within him. He’ll let his captor think she commands him as long as it serves his purpose, but if Erin or anyone else is threatened, all bets are off. He’ll use all his powers against her, whether or not he can master them.
Time is running out, however. Dante must act quickly to free those imprisoned, especially when he learns what his captor has in mind. His new abilities keep those around him protected until she who calls herself Queen plays her trump card. Dante must face one last foe…and only one can emerge undefeated.

Reviews for the award-winning Blood Bond Saga series by #1 New York Times Bestselling author Helen Hardt.
“Helen gives us the dark, tormented vampire hero we all love in a sensual paranormal romance with all the feels.  Be warned… the twists and turns will keep you up all night reading.  I was hooked from the first sentence until the very end.”  ~New York Times bestselling author J.S. Scott
“A genially written and enthralling romantic suspense that will take over all your senses…” ~MammieBabbie“Unchained was unlike anything else I’ve ever read before!” ~Natalie the Biblioholic“A dark, intoxicating tale.” ~Library Journal

Review - TaSTy WordGasms Profile (1).png copy
Lita T’s Review: 5 STARS

Undefeated by Helen Hardt is the final 3 Blood Bond sagas in this story. The story picks up where the last book left off. River, Jay and Erin are underground and know the Queen is and it is Dr. Bonneville. Gabriel seems to be under her control. But Gabriel is stronger than even he knows. Blood bond saga 13 is about what they learn being underground. Everyone they have been looking for are there. As the story goes on we see that Gabriel’s powers continue to grow and he discovers what he can do. Saga 14 continues with finding all the missing people. Gabriel has figured out how to get them out but it seems The Queen is still trying to promote her agenda. Saga 15 is the final time, the fight between good and evil. Light and dark. A really good story that I have loved from the beginning to the end. It has been many books but I have really enjoyed this book. I am so sorry to see this story coming to an end. 5 stars for me. Hating to see this come to an end. This was a story I couldn’t get enough of but it has come to an end. Thank you.

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Unchained (Blood Bond Vol 1)

Meet the Author
#1 New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Helen Hardt’s passion for the written word began with the books her mother read to her at bedtime. She wrote her first story at age six and hasn’t stopped since. In addition to being an award winning author of contemporary and historical romance and erotica, she’s a mother, a black belt in Taekwondo, a grammar geek, an appreciator of fine red wine, and a lover of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. She writes from her home in Colorado, where she lives with her family. Helen loves to hear from readers.


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