Insolent, A Crimson Elite Novel by T.L. Smith is AVAILABLE NOW! Tanya Rae and Lita T LOVED Insolent! Check out our reviews! @LsmithT @EJBookPromos

Title: Insolent
Series: A Crimson Elite Novel
Author: T.L. Smith
Genre: Romance
Release Date: June 4, 2019
Love had cut me in so many ways I wondered if my heart could take any more.
But then I saw him.
He was my boss.
A single father.
And to top it off he was insolent.
I didn’t intend to want him, that wasn’t my objective. But somehow I couldn’t say no.
We shouldn’t have worked, but like witchcraft, I was under his spell.
My heart’s been destroyed before, I’m not sure it can handle heartbreak again.

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Lita T’s Review: 5 STARS

Insolent (Crimson Elite#4) by TL Smith Is Darby’s story. At the end of Conceited we learned of Darby becoming a father. We don’t know much about the mother but we learn who she is and how. However the story is about Darby dealing being a father and his new bartender that has caught his interest. Olympia is filling in at Crimson Elite for Johnny. Olympia likes her job but her boss not so much. Darby has an issue with the new bartender. She has blue hair. Her singing soothes his child and he wants to screw her. His policy is he doesn’t sleep with his employees. I loved everything about this story. Because Darby has been a reserved and secretive person we learn so much about him in this book. The whole series has been good and this book was just as good. 5 stars.

Insolent (Crimson Elite, #4)Insolent by T.L. Smith

Tanya Rae’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Insolent is the 4th and last book in the Crimson Elite Series. I think that this book is my favorite out of the series. What a way to end the Crimson Elite Series with this story! I loved it!

Insolent starts where Conceited (Book 3) left off. We had just learned that Darby is going to be a father. He had been tricked by the mother.

Now Darby is a single father of Charles and you will have to read the book to find out what happened to Charles mother.

Olympia Cavanagh is the new bartender at Crimson Elite. She has blue hair which Darby doesn’t like. He thinks she is “Very unprofessional”. I love Olympia! She is her own girl!

Olympia has a special touch, her voice and when she sings to Charles it calms him. She does end up winning over Darby too!

I love this story and this series. I absolutely can’t wait to see what book T.L. Smith has for us next. She writes books that I can’t put down and I want to devour anything that she has written. 10+ stars if you ask me!



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