MANIPULATE by Pam Godwin is out now! Checkout Lita T’s and Tanya Rae’s Review. @pamgodwinbooks

MANIPULATE by Pam Godwin

Genre → Dark Romance (anti-heroes, human sex trafficking, cartel)

Series → Each book is a different couple. No cliffhangers. Must be read in order.

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Release Date → Jun 25, 2019


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Publisher Description
Tula Gomez is in the most ruthless prison in Latin America.

She only drove to Mexico to help her sister. She did nothing wrong.
But her quiet life changed in an instant.

To survive the violent, cartel-controlled prison where men blend with women, she pledges her loyalty to the notorious leader in exchange for the one thing she needs most.

When she agrees to seduce the suspicious new inmates, Martin Lockwood and Ricky Saldivar, she doesn’t expect to enjoy it. Sure, they’re gorgeous, irresistibly alpha, and insanely talented with their hands and mouths. But they’re the enemy. She can’t fall for them.

Torn between her cartel loyalties and two men who want her as deeply as they want each other, she questions who is manipulating whom. Her search for answers leads to a passionate ménage, a soul-crushing secret, and an impossible choice.

DELIVER series (HEAs with no cliffhangers – must be read in order):
Deliver #1
Vanquish #2
Disclaim #3
Devastate #4
Take #5
Manipulate #6
Unshackle #7
Dominate #8
Complicate #9

Manipulate (Deliver Book 6)Manipulate by Pam Godwin
Tanya Rae’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Manipulate is the 6th book in the Deliver series. I had to take a few days before I wrote my review. To digest what I had read. I love ménage romance books and there were some hot scenes. But I think the location (prison) was a little tough for me.

By the way, I highly suggest you read the other books in the order that Pam Godwin has provided in her blurb for this book.

This book is dark and for those that have triggers proceed with caution.

While reading Manipulate I felt like I was reading it with my hands over my eyes with a little opening so that I could read the words. Manipulate was suspenseful, it was dark and dirty and I couldn’t put this book down.

Now I am looking forward to Unshackle #7. It can’t come out fast enough!

Lita T’s Review: 4 stars
Manipulate (Deliver#6) by Pam Godwin is the next in the series dealing with the members of the Freedom Fighters aka the people kidnapped by Van and Liv. Their next target is Hector and Ricky and Martin are being sent to take him out. Hector is running his operation from the most notorious prisons in Latin America. When they get there they see Petula aka Tula. She was set up and falsely charged with drug trafficking. She has a close relationship with Hector. They know to get to Hector they need to get next to Tula. Ricky has has a thing for Martin for years and now he wants him and Tula. I know I know zero about prison life . However I have mixed feelings about this book. To me the story didn’t seems realistic or plausible. Regardless I loved this story. I loved learning Martin’s story. Ricky is sexy as sin and the 3 of them together made for a hot time. I really enjoyed them and would love to read more about them after prison. I can only imagine how hot and kinky their sex will be. The next story should be rather interesting considering what we learned in this book. 4 stars for me.



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  • Narrated by Teddy Hamilton (Josh) and Abby Crayden (Liv)


  • Narrated by Ryan West (Van) and Jo Raylan (Amber)


  • Narrated by Christian Fox (Matias) and Emma Wilder (Camila)


  • Narrated by J.F. Harding (Tate) and Tracy Marks (Lucia)

Books 5-9 TBA



Author Bio

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Pam Godwin, lives in the Midwest with her husband, their two children, and a foulmouthed parrot. When she ran away, she traveled fourteen countries across five continents, attended three universities, and married the vocalist of her favorite rock band.

Java, tobacco, and dark romance novels are her favorite indulgences, and might be considered more unhealthy than her aversion to sleeping, eating meat, and dolls with blinking eyes.


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