Today we have the blog tour of Redemption by Nicole Dykes! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today! Read the excerpt! @nicoledykes87 @InkSlingerPR #oneclick #contemporaryromance #newrelease #outnow

Today we have the blog tour of Redemption by Nicole Dykes! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Redemption

Author: Nicole Dykes

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Redemption:


Four years ago, my life changed forever.

Some see it as a vast improvement.


I’m not so sure. The guilt from my betrayal has haunted me from day one.

I knew my past would catch up to me. So when it comes crashing back into my life, I know the time has come to finally make it right.

My path to redemption won’t be easy. But I’ve always been up for a challenge.



My life was never golden, but I had everything I needed. Then four years ago, everything changed.

I lost everything important to me, including myself.

I’m not certain I’m capable of forgiveness. So when the past comes back into my life, there will be no absolution for him in my heart.

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Her voice is low as she shakes her head , her blond hair falling over her face as she tilts her head in defeat. “I haven’t played in years.” I brush the hair out of her eyes and tuck it behind her ear. “Doesn’t matter. You can. And if you suck, I’m the only one who will know.” She sucks in a great big breath of air and then slowly lets it out through her parted, full lips. Her fingers strumming the guitar tentatively at first, and I recognize the song almost instantly as I watch her magical fingers command the music to come from the instrument. The first line from “Patience” pours into the air, her soft, raspy voice, filling the empty space in my soul. The old Guns ‘N Roses song was always one of her favorites, and my eyes are locked on hers, totally unwavering, both of us lost in our own little world as her fingers glide along the strings and her classic, soulful voice fills my bedroom, and as she reaches the last note my lips are compelled to touch hers. A force that is completely unstoppable moves me as our mouths meld together, the guitar between our bodies, my hand grasps the side of her beautiful face. This is totally different from our first kiss, now we both know what we’re doing. I groan when she removes the guitar from between us, placing it gently on the floor and pulling my body onto hers.


About the Author:

I grew up in a small rural town in Kansas and currently live in a suburb of Kansas City. I love to read books that have main characters that are seriously flawed. I love to write and have been writing since I was in grade school.

I’m a mama first but spend my nights writing all the stories 💜

When I wrote the first book in my Monroe Family Series I never dreamed it would be a 10 book series and have a spinoff, but here we are!

The two series do intertwine and if you want to read them in the exact order I wrote them here is a quick list to guide you!


Unsocial | Unbridled | Unrefined | Untouchable | Unraveled | Undone | Untangled | Mistaken | A Monroe Christmas | Mischief | Unbreakable | Unbroken | Misled | Unacceptable | Misbehaved


Get to Know the Author:

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