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Deacon Wright, a Gargoyle with a heart as large as his body, feels too much of everything. He doesn’t believe he’s good enough for his mate. She’s beautiful as well as smart, and she deserves more than a commoner who works as assistant warden at the Penitentiary.

Sabrina Bailey is the oncologist treating one of the Stone Society’s own. She has devoted her life to saving others, and her career is all she has. A past relationship ended traumatically, making her leery of trying again. Unable to avoid the pull she feels for Deacon, the handsome man visiting her patient, she lets her guard down and agrees to one date.

Someone begins stalking Sabrina, leaving her cryptic notes, and she suddenly finds herself protected by Deacon and his Clan. Close proximity has the two falling fast as they work to figure out the clues being left by a stranger.
Meanwhile, Drago is amping up efforts to build an army in America to fight the Stone Society by chemically altering the Unholy.
Book 12 is filled with twists and turns, love and family.

Lita’s 5 Star Review

Deacon (The Stone Society book 12) by Faith Gibson- It is now Deacon’s turn at finding a mate. He is empathetic and feels more than he can some times bear. With Jonathan fighting his cancer he runs into oncologist Sabrina Bailey. She has had a hard life and has been determined to make something of herself. When she meets Deacon she is taken aback. His sheer size should have her running for her life especially due to her past experience. However there is a pull that will not allow her to stay away. Deacon knows she is his mate. But he doesn’t feel worthy since she is a doctor and he is a prison guard. I love this series and this book did not disappoint. The author’s storytelling skills always pulls me in and her character development allows me to want to know more about each of them. Deacon and Sabrina’s journey to their mating was a world wind and I was caught up in their love. New characters were introduced while we had to say goodbye. Have your tissues ready!!!! Another 5 stars for me. Curious as to who the next book will be about. It really doesn’t even matter because anyone the author chooses I know I will love to read about along with catching up with all the others. That is why I also love this series, I get my fix of the other cast of characters.

Nikki’s 5 Star Review

Deacon is so damn yummy he is giving my favorite goyle, Frey, a run for his money! (But Frey is still my favorite.)

You can learn about the story from the blurb, so I don’t need to spill the beans. But what the blurb doesn’t say is how much I loved this book. I’m not gonna lie, there were a couple of parts that had me grabbing for the tissues, but then that was cured with the perfect injection of romance or humor. Yeah, the perfect recipe for a fabulous story can be found within the pages of Deacon!

Deacon is written a little differently than the previous Stone Society books. In this one we don’t have to wait to find out who his mate is, the author mixed it up a bit and shows us right away, I loved that! The thing that didn’t change were the essential ingredients that made Deacon’s story exciting and a definite page turner. From the intrigue to the soft moments between new mates, Deacon and Sabrina, this book kept me wanting, no needing, more.

Before I go, I’ll leave you with this tidbit… If you’re a fan of the Stone Society, Deacon is a hurry up, one click and get to reading book. There are so many juicy parts that you won’t want to miss.

I rate this book a solid 5 stars and hope to get the next edition of the series soon.

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