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Release Date: November 12th


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“She’s yours now.”

With those three words, my boss gives me a gift: permission to kidnap and keep the woman I’ve wanted for years.

Ever since we were teenagers, I’ve denied my desire for Sofia. Despite her father’s involvement in running our cocaine empire, Caesar Hernández has carefully sheltered her from the brutal realities of our world. She’s always been far too innocent and pure for me to drag her out of her charmed life and into my depravities.

But Caesar chose to betray my ruthless boss, Adrián Rodríguez. He’ll have to prove his loyalty once again if he doesn’t want any harm to come to his beloved daughter. I have her now, and he’s well aware of my sadistic proclivities.

I tried to save her from this, but I can’t fight my savage nature when Sofia is in my home and under my command. She’ll learn to obey me unquestioningly if she wants to earn any of her freedoms back. Sofia’s going to be my good girl, fulfilling all the dark fantasies I’ve suppressed for years.

I’ll do whatever it takes to keep my pretty hostage. If anyone tries to steal her from me, I’ll start a war to protect my most precious possession.

Sofia is mine, and I’ll never let her go.




“You can talk to your father now.” He reached over to the nightstand and retrieved my rose gold phone. I gabbed at it like the familiar object was my lifeline, but he snatched it back, holding it out of my reach with a warning frown.

“What’s your passcode?” he asked.

“I’m not telling you.” My defiance came out more breathlessly than I would have liked. I swallowed and tried again. “Give me my phone.”

“I don’t think so, florecita. You’re in my house, and you’ll play by my rules.” His voice dropped deeper with the ring of command, but there was no menace in his tone. Nothing he’d said to me so far had been issued as a threat, but his unyielding authority was clear.

I wasn’t truly scared of him—not like I probably should be—but I was undeniably intimidated.

“Your passcode,” he prompted.

“I don’t want to tell you,” I protested weakly. “That’s private.”

“Not from me,” he countered smoothly. “You don’t have automatic phone privileges anymore. You’ll have to earn them.”

“What?” I should have sounded more indignant, but I couldn’t seem to eliminate that breathless quality to my query.

“You want to go back to your classes? You want to return to your normal routine? I’ll allow it, but only after you’ve proven that I can trust you to behave. I have to know that you will obey me unquestioningly.”

“Obey you?” This time, I did sound indignant.

He simply nodded, ignoring my outburst. “I can’t have you running back to Daddy at the first opportunity. Until you convince me that you’ll be my good girl, you’re not leaving this house.” His words turned rougher, his eyes taking on that strange, almost drugged appearance again. His countenance made a light tremor race through my body, but the reaction wasn’t entirely one of fear.

“And you don’t get your phone privileges back until you promise not to try to call anyone for help. I will know if your promise is insincere. You don’t get to lie to me, Sofia. If you try, there will be consequences.”

My breaths turned shallower with each calmly-spoken sentence that left his lips.

“Consequences?” I couldn’t seem to manage more than stilted questions; just a word or two leaving me on a little puff of air.

A single black brow lifted, and the dark promise hung in the air between us. He didn’t give me any details, and that set me even more off-balance. If I didn’t know what he might have in store for me, I couldn’t mentally prepare for it. That made the idea of challenging him all the more unnerving.

“Your passcode,” he drawled. It wasn’t a question; it was an edict.

The four digits slipped from me on a meek whisper.

One corner of his lips tilted in a lopsided, arrogant smile. His eyes remained locked on mine for the space of several heartbeats.

“Good girl.” The two words were issued slowly, as though he was savoring them on his tongue. His deep, rumbling voice made them settle over me and weigh on me like a heavy blanket.

He’d told me that I would have to learn to behave as his good girl. That I would learn to obey him. The words of praise were both positive reinforcement for my acquiescence and a statement of his first, small victory. As though he was taming me, training me like he would a new pet.

I didn’t like it.

I shouldn’t like it.

But something stirred low in my belly, warming my insides.


About the Author:
Julia Sykes is the USA Today bestselling author of the Impossible Series. She has always kept dark stories tucked away in her mind, so she was thrilled when she discovered that other people actually want to read them. Her books blend romance, suspense, and BDSM.

You can usually find Julia in Starbucks with a venti iced coffee clutched in her hand (two pumps of mocha, liberal half and half). If she’s not in Starbucks, you will find her with a glass of prosecco in hand, probably reading Harry Potter. Again.

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