Even if it Hurts, an emotionally charged contemporary romance from USA Today bestselling author, Marni Mann, is live! Read the excerpt and check out Lita T’s Review! @MarniMann @jennw23

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Even if it Hurts by Marni Mann

Release Date: January 28, 2020

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Even if it Hurts, an emotionally charged contemporary romance from USA Today bestselling author, Marni Mann.


When I met her, I couldnt take my eyes off her.

We were so young and so passionate.

We studied business in the day and each others bodies at night.

We always knew it would end with the semester, so we loved hard with no regrets.


When I met her, I couldnt get her off my mind.

We were fresh out of college and ready to take on the world.

We fit each other like missing puzzle pieces.

And just when I thought my life was perfect, it got better. She became my wife.


I met my first love while studying abroad in London.

When I moved home, I didnt think Id ever fall in love again.

Until I met him. The man who became my husband.

The one I promised a lifetime to.

Then, my first love came back into my life

And I realized that love was bigger than any one man.

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What can I get you? the bartender asked, his hands hovering, waiting to reach for one of the bottles.

I gripped the edge of the bar top, holding the cold leather, and said, Prosecco, please.

The speakeasy wasnt too packed tonight, just a steady business crowd filling the main space and the small seating nooks that were like little dens built into the perimeter.

My eyes were falling over the row of wine, studying the labels, when I felt a piece of fabric brush across the side of my arm. I turned just in time to see a dark suit jacket leaving my skin, and with it came a scent. One that was so sharp and demandingthe smell of power if it came in a bottle.

I couldnt believe how much I liked it.

My gaze traveled higher to the silk tie, the broad shoulders, and the full frame that was at least six-three and all suit. And I found myself holding in my breath as I took in this absolutely gorgeous man with thick black hair and a clean-shaven face, blue eyes so dark that they looked navy.

Have you ordered? he asked in a rich, deep voice.

Hes making mine now.

It was easy to see there was nothing raw about this man. He had a polished, educated demeanor with a richness that went well beyond the cost of his suit.

He smiled, and I found myself sucked into it, unable to look away. Whats your name?

With a stare as invasive as his, one I felt move straight through me, it seemed my name was something he should certainly know at this point.

Chloe Kennedy.

He turned his body so he was now facing me, showing me details I hadnt picked up beforea narrow, angular nose and tiny wrinkles at the sides of his eyes. His hand reached forward, and when it surrounded mine, he said, Lance Hamilton.

Heres your Prosecco, the bartender said, and from the corner of my eye, I saw him set down the glass.

Add that to my tab, and Ill take a scotch, Lance said with his eyes on me.

I knew my cheeks were blushing, and it wasnt because he was paying for the drink. You dont have to do that.

I cant let a beautiful woman like yourself pay for her own drink. His eyes narrowed. Unless theres someone else here who should be buying it?

No. I shook my head. Only you.

My hand was still in his, gripped in a shake that I felt all the way up to my shoulder, across my chest, and down to my other hand that was clenching the cold glass of champagne.

My comment seemed to make his smile grow, and he held my hand for a second longer before releasing me.

I was just coming to find you, Molly said, startling me, her arm then snaking around my waist. Looks like Lance found you instead.

I glanced at my best friend, knowing Lance could hear us. You know him?

I work with Marshall, Lance said before Molly could reply, and he leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. Nice to see you, Molly.

She grinned at him. You too.

He hadnt been part of the group Molly and Marshall introduced me to when we first arrived, nor had I seen him at any of the parties I attended with her. If Id met Lance before, I wouldnt have forgotten.

Ill see you back at the table, she said, her arm leaving my waist, and she gave me a look I knew well. It was one that told me she approved, and then she was gone just as the bartender handed Lance his drink.

Thank you again, I said as he handed the bartender his credit card. He held his glass in the air, near mine, smiling.

To the morning and everything that happens in between.

I laughed, clicking my Prosecco to his scotch, and it felt like a warmth had crept over me, even before I put my lips to glass and swallowed.

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Lita T’s Review: 5 Sobbing Stars

Even if it Hurts by Marni Mann is truly something to experience. I have read many of this author’s books. She has written books spanning from dark to comical. This story had me all torn up by the end and I am still not sure how I feel about it all. Chloe is a college student who has an opportunity to study in London for a semester. While there she meets Oliver and the two embark on a epic love that has a lasting effect on both of them. When the time came for her to leave Oliver her heart was shattered. Oliver was her first and to her he was her only till Lance. Just like Oliver, Chloe was instantly smitten with Lance and she was able to fall in love again. Now married Chloe ends up going on an assignment with her job overseas and just so happens run into Oliver. Her feelings for him never went away. Going back and forth from Amsterdam where she was with Oliver to The US to her husband Lance, Chloe is torn and in love with two guys. Kudos to the author on how she told this story. Emotionally I was all over the place and by the end my heart was torn right out of my chest. Absolutely gut wrenching!!! I was definitely left wanting more. My heart just hurts. Just wow!!!!! 5 sobbing stars for

About Marni:

Best-selling Author Marni Mann knew she was going to be a writer since middle school. While other girls her age were daydreaming about teenage pop stars, Mann was fantasizing about penning her first novel. She crafts sexy, titillating stories that weave together her love of darkness, mystery, passion, and human emotion. A New Englander at heart, she now lives in Sarasota, Florida with her husband and their two dogs who subsequently have been characters in her books. When shes not nose deep in her laptop working on her next novel, shes scouring for chocolate, sipping wine, traveling to new locations, and devouring fabulous books.

Connect with Marni:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarniMannAuthor/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarniMann

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marnimann/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/marnimann/

Stay up to Date with Marni by signing up for her mailing list here: http://marnismann.com/about/



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