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Revolution by Dr. Rebecca Sharp is LIVE! Don’t miss this hot and angsty enemies-to-lovers romance written in K. Bromberg’s Driven World.

#One-click today!



No tits in the pits!

You can grab my pole, Kacey!

If Kacey Snyder was a lady, she’d be at home!


I’d heard it all before—all the ways I didn’t belong—and it never stopped me. Until a well-deserved punch to a fellow driver banned me from NASCAR for the season. Now, my only chance to drive is at the Indianapolis 500—the most prestigious race in the country.

And I’m the only woman competing.


Unfortunately, my contract didn’t mention the suffocating publicity nor the abrasive mechanic building the car.


Garret Gallagher guards many secrets behind his callous attitude—how much he dislikes me isn’t one of them.

That’s fine with me. I can’t stand him either.

Especially the way his Irish brogue makes me melt

over words that chill me to the bone.


In my world, nothing matters except power and speed and proving myself.

Until him. Until us.

As obstacles unfold and secrets unravel,

suddenly I’m fighting for more than the finish line.


They say revolutions begin with a single spark.

One driver on the track. One desire that can’t be stopped.

But in a revolution driven by love,

What if he was the only prize worth winning?


Dr. Rebecca Sharp’s Revolution is a hot and angsty enemies-to-lovers romance written in K. Bromberg’s Driven World.


Amazon: https://amzn.to/2ADyc0e

Goodreads: https://bit.ly/Revolution_GR

Lita T’s Review: 4 stars

Revolution by Rebecca Sharp is a cute story about Kacey Snyder. She is a raceway driver in a man dominated sport. When an altercation occurs she is disqualified for the entire season. An opportunity to drive at Indy is her chance at redemption. G is a great mechanic who left the game after a family tragedy. Now back inorder to help his niece G isn’t happy when he sees who is the driver. The tension between G and Kacey is instantaneous but at the same time the sexual tension is just as combustible. Their interaction made for a good story. Both have issues that contribute to their actions and reactions to each other. Each in the end found who they were meant to be. A feel good story that had a message to young ladies as well. 4 stars to me.



To celebrate the release of Revolution, Rebecca Sharp is giving away a $25 Amazon gift card! Head to her Facebook page to enter: https://www.facebook.com/drrebeccasharp/



Dr. Rebecca Sharp, while using a pen name, is actually a doctor living in Pennsylvania with her husband – the love of her life.

She enjoys working in her practice with her father as well as letting her creativity run free as an author. Growing up she’s always loved a good love story and finally decided to give writing one of her own a go.

After graduating with her doctoral degree, she now enjoys spending that thing called free time traveling with her husband, cooking, and knitting.



Facebook: www.facebook.com/drrebeccasharp

Reader Group: http://bit.ly/BecomeASexySharpie

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Mailing List: http://bit.ly/StaySharpSignUp

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Amazon: https://goo.gl/bxuLPd

BookBub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/rebecca-sharp


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