Lacing Shadows: Anthology

Lacing Shadows features New Adult paranormal tales from five talented authors.   Tina Smith,  Andrea Stanet,  Laurie Treacy, Lee Ryder, Alexia Purdy
Lacing Shadows features New Adult paranormal tales from five talented authors. Tina Smith, Andrea Stanet, Laurie Treacy, Lee Ryder, Alexia Purdy

Title:  Lacing Shadows:  Anthology
Authors:  Andrea Stanet, Tina Smith, Laurie Treacy,  Lee Ryder, Alexia Purdy
Genre: New Adult paranormal
Release Date: Out now – go get it!
Reviewer: Lita Thomas
Stars (Os): OOOO (4.”O’s”) – “O’s” for Orgasms

Lacing Shadows: Anthology is a book containing 5 novellas by 5 different authors. Each novella told a different paranormal story.

Spirit of the Wolf by Andrea Stanet is the first story.  By the title you can tell this paranormal story is about wolves.  This  story is about  a couple of college students who are dating. Asia and Jesse and they are both on the track team. Something a little strange, Jesse is extremely overprotective and even more so since Asia has become friends with Nati. There is a strange pull between Asia and Nati and that pull is more than friendship. There is an added twist between the triangle of Asia, Jesse and Nati. Dueling wolves both wanting the same woman but the question is who will win?

Eternal Guard by Tina Smith is the second story. This is a story about Vampires.  Farren is a girl who is at the point that she feels she can not go on. One night on a bridge she decides to end it all but when she jumps someone pulls her back. Two guys are on the bridge, one wants to save her and the other one wants to hurt her. The following day she goes to class and finds the mystery savior in her class. Joe being a vampire feels like he needs to protect Farren from his friend but when the lines between Farren and Joe go from protector to lover things get really strange.

Into The Dark by Laurie Treacy is the third story. This story is about Fae’s.   Holly comes home for winter break. Anytime she comes home she is use to her mother being there to help with her anxiety. Grandma has a stroke and mom has gone to help. Left home alone she goes outside after a winter snow to find an injured man. The man is not a man but something who is not of this realm. While nursing him back to health Holly get involved in a murderous plot. As they spend more time together they feel a connection that is more than they can remember. When the entire story comes out Holly becomes the person she has always wanted to be. A very good story which would make a good full novel.

The Unspoken Truth by Lee Ryder is the fourth story. Lena has had a gift since she was a little girl. She can communicate with the dead. Cultivating her gift she ends up married to a cop, working for the department as a psychic. One particular ghost has followed her for a while Jessica Clayton. After a physical manifestation of an experience Jessica endured Lena decided to solve her death which has been a cold case. The farther Lena and her husband dig into the case and the more intense the visions; the case keeps getting even more bizarre. This story was a modern-day Ghost Whisperer, A really enjoyable story.

Spinning Scars by Alexia Purdy.  This is the fifth and final story of Lacing Shadows:  Anthology.  This was the story of Roby who is a struggling college student whose parents died when she was young; and she was raised in foster care. Now she works at a diner to pay her way through life. In her class she meets this brooding guy who stirs something in her. Matthias is not really a man but a Frankenstein. He finds himself attracted to Ruby. After spending a day and night together Matthias runs, but then finds him self in a life and death struggle. Because of who he is he is constantly hunted but then he receives a proposition that will not only keep him safe but Ruby as well. A twist on Beauty and the Beast.  Strange but good.

Summary:  I felt that all the stories were enjoyable.  I especially liked the third and I would like to see this story made into a full length novel.  The fourth book was really enjoyable and the fifth story was a little strange but good.

The book was gifted for an honest review – TaSTy Wordgasms

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