Explicit Detail (Explicit #2)

Author Scarlett Finn
Warning: Contains explicit language and imagery.

Title: Explicit Detail (Explicit #2)
Series: Explicit 2
Author: Scarlett Finn
Genre: Dark/Erotica, BDSM
Release Date: It’s out go get it!
Reviewer: Tanya Rae
Stars (Os): OOOOO (5.”O’s”) – “O’s” for Orgasms

Another great book Explicit Detail (Explicit #2)!  Very HOT!!!  I absolutely love Rushe and Flick (BTW what a great name Flick).  I love after every conflict  all Rushe can think about was SEX with Flick.  Only one word needed to be said SEX to Flick.

Excerpt:  So, Lover,’ Flick said into the ether. ‘What now?’
There was the monosyllabic man she loved so dearly. Rushe slammed out of the car and
Flick took her time about unfastening her seatbelt. Just as she predicted her side door was
wrenched open and he hauled her out without ceremony.
Explicit Detail (Explicit #2)  is a MUST read book but, you NEED to read Explicit Instruction first and then you can fall in love with Rushe & Flick on your own.
Book Description (Amazon)
‘I make my own rules.’
Integrating Flick into his life has given Rushe a new priority, to keep his woman where he wants her – safe and in his bed. But saving women who have no hope is a part of who he is, and it doesn’t take long for the next job to seek them out.
Rushe knows the rules, but Flick has never played the game from this side of the table before. Working in parallel, our couple go undercover to expose the crucial details of an intrigue that sinks deeper than they could have predicted.
Ready to get her hands dirty, Flick wades in, relishing the challenge. Except danger closes in on her from all sides, and Rushe has his own cards to play. They have to learn to work together before the job drives them apart.
But if their union is revealed, it could cost them their lives.Warning: Contains explicit language and imagery.

Let me say that I want Rushe all to myself and don’t want to share him!  Again, Explicit Detail is a great book and I enjoyed it immensely!  I hope you do too.

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