Book Review: Serial, Volume One

Jaden Wilkes and Lily White
Serial. A brand new dark, erotic thriller from the twisted minds of Lily White and Jaden Wilkes.


Book: Serial, Volume One

Author: Jaden Wilkes and Lily White

Series: Serial #1

Release Date: Currently out

Genre: Dark/Erotica, BDSM

Reviewer: Shannon

Stars (Os): OOOo (3.5 O’s)

This is the first installment in the Serial series by Jaden Wilkes and Lily White. These two authors begin by telling the story of Jude Hollister and they allow you to peak into his twisted mind.

Jude is rich, good looking, and has the world at his fingertips. But it’s just not enough. He’s bored. What began as an accident actually unleashes his deep and very dark desires. How will Jude react though to finding the one girl he wants, not to hurt, but to love. Will he be able to control himself?

Veronica, a/k/a Ronnie has had a rough life. She longs for a way out and what better way than the handsome, wealthy guy who is paying her attention. He can offer her the world, but at what price?

And then there’s FBI agent Donovan Blake. He’s on the hunt for the serial killer and will stop at nothing to catch him. But he has secrets of his own. Will they help or hinder him?

I enjoyed this book and delving into the darkness of Jude’s mind. I wish the book was a little longer and I felt that it was a little rushed at the end. I would have also liked to have learned a little more about Donovan Blake. He certainly intrigues me.

*I received Serial as an ARC for an honest review.


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