Serial Volume 2

Jaden Wilkes & Lily White
Serial Series

Title: Serial Volume 2

Series: Serial

Authors: Jaden Wilkes & Lily White

Reviewer: Tanya Rae

Release Date: October 27, 2014

Stars: 5.0 OOOOO’s – O’s for Orgasms

Wow another fantastic Dark Book, Serial Volume 2 by Lily White and Jaden Wilkes!  Is it so wrong to love Jude?  Lily & Jaden, I often wonder how you come up with books like this one!  There really is something very wrong with him and yet I love him.  Pet (aka Ronnie) has found out about Jude.  He wanted her to know.  How scary it must be that she knows that Jude is a killer and he is holding her captive, yet she wants him at the same time and  Jude keeps trying to find someone that he can keep alive so he can protect Pet from himself.  Now the waiting begins again for Volume 3.  If I had any complaints at all about the Serial Series it would be that I hate waiting for the next book in the series!  And as with Volume 1 Serial Volume 2 ends in a cliffhanger.  Another great book and great teamwork!


Book Description:

Follow along as Jude teaches Ronnie her new place in his life while battling the rising need to kill…while Ronnie adapts to Jude’s mysterious ways and increasing demands…and as Donovan hunts Jude and fights his own dark urges.

This is the second installment in the exciting erotic thriller, Serial…a serial about a serial killer and the one he loves and the one who wants to destroy him.


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