☆Book Review – Forgiving Gia by Gina Whitney☆

☆Book Review☆

Book: Forgiving Gia

Series: Rocker Series 2

Author: Gina Whitney

Release Date: Out now

Genre: BDSM/Erotica

Reviewer: Nikki K

Stars (Os): OOOO

Author Gina Whitney - Forgiving Gia

Being sorry is the easy part. Proving it takes effort.

When we last saw Gia, she was watching her heart leave on a jet plane, as her life fell apart on the tarmac.

Able having just learned of Gia’s betrayal from Morgana, decided it was more than he could handle. He goes on with life, without his Beauty. Destroyed, empty and beaten by the pain, he returns to his rocker lifestyle and numbs all of the torment with drugs and alcohol.

Gia deals with the fallout from her dirty deeds the only way she knows how, by turning on herself. She is saved from the brink, but ends up alone and in treatment for her breakdown.

Gia’s boss, Ables commanding father takes pity on her and helps her to regain control. He challenges Gia to reach out to Abel and make good on her promise of love for the Alpha son of the Alpha Lawyer. (Yeah the fruit has not fallen far from that tree). Mr. Gunner escorts Gia to Paris to reconnect with the damaged Rockstar. Now all he has to do is get his stubborn son to really listen and forgive Gia.

As one would glean from the title, Gia is forgiven her trespasses, but life is no less troubled. Gia and Able struggle with regaining mutual trust. The old obstacles and new perils stand before them.

Morgana is still a threat, Gia’s mother remains a thorn in Gia’s proverbial side and the current chemically altered lifstyle Abel has succumbed to all prove heavy burdens to the Beauty and her Caveman. Gia’s misdeeds are not the only that Able must forgive. The reasons for Abel’s estrangement from his parents are revealed and of course, there is betrayal by another close to the couple.

There are twists to this saga i did not expect. Insights that made me go “ahhh, yeah I get it now, but dam that’s f**cked up”!

Gina Whitney has once again shown us that love is complex in it’s simplicity. These two fulfill each others basest needs while their souls intermingle and their hearts can no longer beat without the other.

I really loved reading more about this hot, pierced, Alpha Caveman and his broken Beauty.

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