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TW Jasper cover

Stone Society Book 6
by Faith Gibson

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TaSTy Review Excerpts:

What can I say about Jasper other than I really loved this book. Faith Gibson I think your books just keep getting better and better. Jasper is the 6th book in the Stone Society Series.”  ~Tanya

“The journey the author took me on was more than I could have imagined and the ending opened up a whole new direction on the possible stories to come. I was overjoyed and elated at the ending and once again looking forward to not only the next book but all the other books to come.” ~Lita

“I love Jasper! I could not put this book down. My heart strings were pulled at the pain of his past. Then I was angry at his former lover’s presence in his city. OMG! The love between Jasper and Trevor.” ~Bettina

“I absolutely loved this book! It had everything that I look for in a great story: drama, suspense, action, love, you name it and it was there. I found myself relating to Trevor in so many ways. It’s really hard to see yourself through someone else’s eyes when you have been led to believe you aren’t enough as you are.” ~Shannon

“Starting this book, I kinda had a small crush on Jasper, but now I’m in love with him. He was such a patient and sweet soul with Trevor. But put anyone in his family in danger, and he’s one (of many) Gargoyles you don’t want to piss off.” ~Theresa

“Faith Gibson’s storytelling and imagination are on point in this book. She reaches back into the past some 400+ years in Ireland and brings us back into the future of New Atlanta and she does it beautifully. As she relates the details of Jasper’s life in the old world, I imagined myself a spectator on the sidelines in awe of the scene before me.” ~Nikki

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TW Gold Blurb

Jasper Jenkins was a solitary Gargoyle, feeling like he didn’t truly belong to a clan, until he moved to New Atlanta and joined the Stone Society. Now that he’s finally settling in, his past has reared its evil Gargoyle head and is targeting those around him, including the quirky M.E.’s assistant who happens to be his mate.

Trevor McKenzie’s life is no stranger to heartache and loneliness. His insecurities began when he found out he was cloned just in case his brother needed spare parts. As danger closes in, his boss confides in him that the “badass club” of gorgeous men he is surrounded by is really a Clan of Gargoyles. When he finds out he’s the chosen mate of the man he considers his best friend, the most gorgeous of the badasses, his insecurities multiply. Trevor must decide if Jasper’s love is real or merely a product of the mate bond. 

Reaching back to his warrior roots, Jasper will stop at nothing to protect his mate as well as his Clan.

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Special thanks to:
Cover Model: Caylan Hughes
Photographer: Furious Fotog
Cover Designer: Jay Aheer, Simply Defined Art

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