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ҩ.,·°¨Ꜩ¨°·,.ҩLittle Diddy about Jane Anthony…

Jane Anthony is a romance author, fist pumping Jersey-girl, and hard rock enthusiast. She resides in the ‘burbs of New Jersey with her husband and children.

A lover of Halloween, vintage cars, & coffee, she’s also an encyclopedia of useless 80’s knowledge and trivia.

When not writing, she’s an avid reader, concert goer, and party planner extraordinaire.

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…In her interview with Nikki K

I’ve only recently (in the past few months) learned about Jane’s books but I already have a Jane Addiction! I met her online and meant to just read one book, but I fell in love with her writing style and quickly read everything she has inked. Between the stories she comes up with and the words she uses to weave them together, I am a fast fan. That said, she is also funny as shit, adorable, and we share similar backgrounds so, we have also become fast friends. And don’t tell her I told you, but she’s got a lovely singing voice.

TW- First things first, if we’re meeting somewhere to conduct this interview, where would it be?
JA: Your hot tub, with margaritas in hand and Heart on the radio.

TW- What would be your drink of choice? I’m a vodka or Jameson gal myself.
JA: I consider myself a beer gal. Either Blue Moon or Leinenkeugals but, when I do imbibe in alcohol, my liquor of choice is orange flavored vodka. I also love the occasional margarita. (See above)

TW- If there’s food involved, what type would it be?
JA: Pizza, chicken fingers, and mozzarella sticks. Then again… if we’re doing margaritas, maybe we should have fajitas and quesadillas instead? You can choose.

TW- Why do you write? What inspired you?
JA: Erotic/contemporary romance. I can find inspiration anywhere, but my greatest muse is music. I’ve been known to create entire plots based off one song I hear.

TW- Why did you start writing in the genre you chose?
JA: I’m a naughty girl 😉 HAHA! Really, it just started because I wanted to create the kind of book I wanted to read.

TW- In reading your books it seems that cars play a big part in the story. Are you a car chick? What’s your favorite car.
JA: OMG yes yes! I LOVE American Muscle. I grew up around cars my whole life. My father was a mechanic, my husband (then boyfriend) was a mechanic, my brother, my uncle, my grandfather …
I know – I sound like the chick from My Cousin Vinny, but it’s true. Any who’s read Secrets and Promises would know my favorite car is the Ford Mustang. The car featured in that book was the actual car my husband drove when I met him – a silver smoke gray 1965 Mustang with all red interior. Such a hot car.

TW- In your latest release, Pretty Reckless, you deal with the difficult issue of addiction, both to drugs and alcohol as well as to a lover. Was this storyline more difficult to write than your previous books? How so?
JA: Pretty Reckless was probably the most difficult book for me to write. The topic of addiction is something I’m no stranger to, both in my own life and that of my loved ones. It took me two years, off and on, to get through it completely because some of it just hit so close to home that I found it difficult to continue. There were moments when I thought I’d never finish, but I’m so glad I powered through. It’s truly my favorite book. I fell in love with Kat & Chase so deeply that I had trouble recovering from their story. Especially Kat. Many reviewers mentioned not liking her very much in the beginning, but she and I had a connection from the first word. I love her strength and her ability to keep a sense of humor even when things are at their most bleak. I’m rambling… ok next question lol

TW- Which of your books/series was your most fun to write?
JA: Kade was super fun to write. He is just so raw and angry. I loved being able to channel that aggression through my words. It’s also a super sexy book. My first book (Secrets and Promises) was very contemporary and while it did have some intense love scenes in it, it was a love story from the word go. Kade was the first one that allowed me to really spread my … wings … and see how filthy I can get. It didn’t start out as a love story, it evolved into one.

TW- Music is another recurring theme in your books. Do you listen to music while writing? What type?
JA: Yes I do. Every book I write has its own Spotify playlist (shameless self-promotion – I’ll listen to it relentlessly during both the planning process and while I’m writing. I play it while I’m cleaning. While I’m in the shower. While I’m driving in the car. I add songs to it if I feel inspired as I go. As for the type, I don’t really discriminate. It’s really whatever moves me when I hear it, but I tend to stick with hard rock and country the most. While I don’t generally listen to pop music, some of my playlists do have some pop music on them. (I can attest to the fabulousness of these playlists)

TW- Does the music you listen drive the story or vice versa?
JA: Both! For example, when I was planning Pretty Reckless songs I’d hear on the radio would work to drive the story forward, but now that all is said and done, I still hear songs on the radio that make me think of the characters after the fact. Just the other day, I heard a song and thought, “Wow this would have been perfect for that playlist.”

TW- If you were interviewing your favorite character from your book what’s the one question you would like to ask them? What would the answer be?
JA: “How do you feel about short chubby chicks from NJ?” And their answer, of course, would be, “I love them.” HAHAHA (Guess I shoulda asked what character she was asking the question of, grrr dag nab it)

TW- What is the one thing you would like readers to know about you?
JA: I’m awesome.
(I have to agree, she is totally awesome)

TW- Can you share a fun/funny story about being a writer? Maybe an interaction with a fan or a mishap while writing?
JA: Well, it’s not much of a story, but I once wrote “wonton” instead of “wanton” in my first draft and one of my beta readers wrote back, “I think you mean wanton, not wonton. That’s soup.” I laughed for, like, an hour.
It was last year and I’m laughing right now…

TW- What is the hardest part about being an author?
JA: Marketing the f*ck out of a book you dump you heart, soul, and entire bank account into and getting back nothing in return.

TW- We often hear the writers barely break even on their books. If this is true, why do it?
JA: I’m a masochist?

TW- What is your favorite word?
JA: cock

TW- What is your favorite dirty word.
JA: Still cock

TW- What is your least favorite word?
JA: Moist *shudder*

TW- Is there a world we will NEVER find in your writing? (OK, so I meant to say word but Jane doesn’t leave anything for chance. I love this answer.)
JA: A “WORLD” or a “word”? I’ll never write a fantasy world, if that’s what you mean. If you mean what “word” I will never, EVER, use the phrase “my sex” to describe the vagina. *vomit*

TW- Since you love music and it’s such a big part of you, is there an instrument you find sexy. (Get your mind out of the gutter, I mean it’s sound).
JA: Too late! My mind’s already in the gutter! I think all instruments are sexy. It’s more about the talent than the instrument itself.

TW- Which of your books would you like to be real so you could live in it? And why?
JA: I’ve already lived some of them. I won’t say which 😉

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Addiction: the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.

Love: feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone)
Amazing how two words with vastly different definitions can have the same adverse effect on the spirit. I may be an addict, but I’m no longer foolhardy enough to be addicted to one man. No, this girl finds her comfort in thirst quenching liquid — it dulls the pain caused by tainted love.

True love may exist, but not for me.

Reckless: without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action

The guy I used to be is a distant memory. I left him in the past, vowing never to be that man again. But never say never, right? This time, I became him out of need. Need for her. She only let me in assuming I enjoyed being on the outside, at arm’s length. But the more I fight the desire brewing in my veins, the harder she is to resist.

Wrong for each other, but carved from the same stone.
He is my rock.
She is my air.

But rocks shatter, and if you get high enough, air becomes unbreathable.
No matter how good it might seem, getting wrapped up in each other is pretty reckless…


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  1. Jane and I like to make fun of bad euphemisms for genetalia. Join her Facebook group and share the *worst* thing — besides “my sex” — you’ve heard female *or* male parts called!

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