Meet the Talented Author, Taylor Johns

TaSTy WordGasms turns the spotlight on our friend, author Taylor Johns.

Since Tanya first found Taylor Johns books, Taylor has been a great friend to us both. Tanya introduced me to her and before I have read the first word I became enamored with Taylor the person. Then I read Extreme Confusion and I became a fan of her work.She writes sexy and exciting tales of alpha male,strong and sassy women all with a great story binding them together. If you’ve yet to read her books, you are missing out. – Nikki K

Q. First things first, if we’re meeting somewhere to conduct this interview, where would it be?
A. (A park, bar, restaurant, your home, my home) On the bank of a lake, watching the sunset.

Q. What would be your drink of choice? I’m a vodka or Jameson gal myself.
A. I’m going with my fountain Coke.

Q. If there’s food involved, what type would it be?
A. Marshmallows, Hershey icing and graham crackers.

Q. Why do you write?
A. Since I can remember I’ve always had story lines in my head playing out. I’m sure it was something I should have seen a doctor for, but that’s no fun.

Q. What inspired you?
A.My dad’s sudden passing. It made me realize that you should reach for your dreams today, because tomorrow not promised.

Q. Why did you start writing in the genre you chose?
A. I love sex….lol I love sex and romance and all the feels you get when two people find their happily ever after.

Q. How did becoming a published author change you or your life?
A. It made me richer. Not in money, but in friends and experience. I’ve met and have became friends with the coolest people from all over the world.

Q. What is your most recently published book?
A.Rebelling Love

Q. How would you describe your latest book?
A. Confusing, but funny… Well, it’s funny if you like smart ass women. But it’s about a couple being attracted to the other, even though they dislike each other.

Q. What are you working on now?
A.A spin off from my first set of books, the X-Treme series.

Q. Which of your books/series was your most fun to write?
A. Her Wicked Fantasy

Q. Is there a reoccurring theme through all of you books? (i.e. Alpha male, goofy sidekick, lost girl, music)
A.Damaged alphas, strong, smart-ass leading ladies… and steamy scenes.

Q. If so, why is that important to your writing?
A. I write what I love to read.

Q. If you were interviewing your favorite character from your book what’s the one question you would like to ask them?
A. It would be Xavier and the #1 question would be, ‘Why must you be so damn bullheaded?’

Q. What genre would you love to write but don’t think that you would do it justice?
A. Well, I’m jealous of writer that kind write about other worlds. They create new societies and everything that goes with that.

Q. What is the one thing you would like readers to know about you?
A. I’m not normal…lol

Q. What is your writing process? Do you have scheduled times you sit down and just start writing? Or is it more like when inspiration strikes you pick up a pen or keyboard?
A. Writing process… Hmmmm, I don’t have a regular process. I sneak writing in when I can and when the voices are talking.

Q. Do you write longhand or do you prefer a computer?
A. Laptop

Q. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what book would you pick.
A. Can it be a series? I’m a Colton Donavan fan, so I’ll pick The Driven series.

Q. Can you share a fun/funny story about being a writer? Maybe an interaction with a fan or a mishap while writing?
A. Xavier from X-Treme Confusion has the ability to piss off readers and make their panties wet. I love-love it when the readers become angry with him and message me. I may have laughed and danced a time or two because of their reaction to him.

Q. If you are self published, why did you decide to go that route instead of reaching out to traditional publishers?
A. Control. I don’t like the thought of someone else having control over my work.

Q. What is the hardest part about being an author?
A.Knowing that someone out there won’t like your characters. It’s like someone not liking one of your kids.

Q. Have you ever thought about giving up writing? If so why?
A. Yes. Sometimes it seems that no matter how much work you’re putting into writing, you’re not getting anywhere. Like you stuck in the mud and no matter how much you push on the gas pedal, you’re not going anywhere. And then it happens. A reader will send you a message telling you how much they loved your work and thank you for writing it. They enjoyed the escape you provided to them.

Q. We often hear the writers barely break even on their books. If this is true, why do it?
A. For me, it’s true. So why do I write, because I enjoy it. I enjoy getting lost in my own stories.

For shits and giggles.

Q. What is your favorite sexual position?
A. Doggie

Q. What is your favorite word?
A. Fuck

Q. What is your favorite dirty word.
A. Housecleaning

Q. What is your least favorite word?
A. Work

Q. Is there a word we will NEVER find in your writing?
A. Nope. Very little offends me, so I go with whatever sounds good in my head.

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