Bad Babygirls Series by Zoe Blake #0.5 Bad Babygirl: The Hacker (Prequel Novella), #1 Bad Babygirl: The Con Artist, #2 Bad Babygirl: The Thief, and #3 Bad Babygirl: The Expert. Read Lita T’s and Tanya Rae’s Reviews. @GiveMeBooksPR and @zblakebooks

Bad Babygirls Series
Author: Zoe Blake

Genre: Dark Romance/Daddy Dom

Release Date: July 16, 2019

Daddy’s going to own me.
I knew computer hacking would get me into trouble one day, but not like this.
Kidnapped and held captive in a military compound, I’m held down and branded with the number thirteen.
Just when I think my captors have pushed me to the end of my limits, I discover there’s worse to
A man forcing me to call him Daddy.
He’s going to make me submit to him.
The more I fight, the more he likes it.
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Lita T’s Review: 5 stars

Bad Babygirl: The Hacker( Bad Babygirls # .05 by Zoe Blake The series starts off with Devon. She is a young lady that lives a very modest and quiet life. She is a loner with no family, friends or coworkers. Her life revolves around playing online video games. Devon is exceptional as computers and her skills have put her on someone’s radar. Reid’s has had his eye on her for awhile due to her extra after hours activities. Her skill in hacking will fit in fine with his organization plus there is something about her that makes him wanna get a taste. Once taken Devon finds out much about herself but Reid aka Father’s brand of punishment makes her extremely wet. He has never been with one of his daughters but Devon is special. I loved this story. The way this type of Daddy kink was told had me smiling from ear to ear. Plus there was a interesting story behind it with a hint of sweetness. 5 stars for me.

Bad Babygirl: The Hacker (Bad Babygirls, #0.5)Bad Babygirl: The Hacker by Zoe Blake

My rating: 3.75 of 5 stars

The Hacker is a 0.5 prequel to the Bad Babygirls Series. This is Devon Chase’s story. She has been caught hacking and now has been kidnapped by Reid “The Father” and Daddy Dom. He realizes her potential.

This is a fast book to read and you will see Devon and Reid again in The Con Artist. I know this because I read book 1 prior to The Hacker.

The good thing about a Novella is that you get a lot of info in short amount of time. The con is I think there needs to be more story. All in all, this book is to get you started and not wanting to wait for the next book and I think it met its goal. I am going to give this book 3.75 stars.

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If I have to hurt her to get what I want… I will.
No is not an option.
My little con artist is about to learn I run my criminal enterprise with an iron fist.
She is no exception.
She will do as Daddy tells her or there will be pain.
Little does she know how much I will enjoy inflicting it.
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Lita T’s Review: 4 Stars

Bad Babygirl: The Con Artist (Bad Babygirls #1) by Zoe Blake Piper has had a hard life along with her friends. They had the misfortune of having fathers who died at the same time due to nefarious circumstances. This left them with not only the stigma of criminal fathers but uncaring, absent mothers. Clinging to each other for support they do what they must to survive. Art has been her release so as an adult, forgeries and cons is her profession. She is good at it and it has made her very wealthy. When a con she is working on goes wrong she finds herself in the crosshairs of Ethan Hale. He is suave, good looking, insanely rich and an undercover criminal mastermind. He needs Piper and he will have her. This is a good story with a even better sub story. It kept my attention and left me looking forward to the next book which is about one of her friends. The relationship between Ethan and Piper had elements that I really liked and enjoyed. However his Daddy kink was borderline assault for me which turned me off at times. Other than that I enjoyed this book from the beginning to the end. 4 stars for me.

Bad Babygirl: The Con Artist (Bad Babygirls, #1)Bad Babygirl: The Con Artist by Zoe Blake

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Bad Babygirl: The Con Artist is the first book in the Bad Babygirls Series. This is a dark suspense romance/daddy romance.

I think I did it again in reading books out of order. The Hacker is 0.5 in the Bad Babygirls Series and should have been read first it is the Prequel to this series.

The Con Artist is Piper’s story along with Quinn, Julie, Lyla, Mary formed a group of outcasts. Julie put together this group and called them “The Babygirls”.

This band of misfits all work outside of the law. Things happen, people die, read the warning. (remember dark romance).

Since this book ended in a cliffhanger there are still some unanswered questions. And, fortunately the next book is sitting on my Kindle. 3.5 stars

Reading Order:
The Hacker 0.5 – Devon Chase
The Con Artist – Piper Clayton
The Thief – Lyla
The Expert – Quinn

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I will stop at nothing to get the information I need.
No matter how much she fights me… I will win in the end.
My little thief cannot steal away, I don’t care how hard she tries.
Daddy’s in charge now.
She either follows my rules, or there will be consequences… painful ones.
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Lita T’s Review: 4.5 Stars

Bad Babygirl: The Thief (Bad Babygirls #2) by Zoe Blake is Lyla’s story. She had to turn to stealing to survive when her father was killed. There isn’t a pocket or lock she can’t pick. We learn what her what her role was in getting revenge for Julie from her perspective. Someone one is sending them creepy stuff from that night and Mary is now dead. This situation has now put Lyla on Roman’s radar. Roman is Ethan’s number 2 and he has the same kink. Roman has every intention to keep her safe. He also wants Lyla for his very own. She stirs something in him he hasn’t felt in a while and he won’t let her down. I am really enjoying this series. Yes the daddy kink can be rough at times and I am still on the fence about how I feel but the interaction between Lyla and Roman at times is down right comical. We also learn a secret about Lyla’s past that not even the rest of the Babygirls know. Old friends from that past pop up and it was nice to catch up with them. 4.5 stars

Bad Babygirl: The Thief (Bad Babygirls, #2)Bad Babygirl: The Thief by Zoe Blake

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bad BabyGirl: The Thief is 2.5 in the Bad Babygirls series. Well this book just upped this series rating. And, it ends on a HUGE cliffhanger. Fortunately, Bad Babygirl: The Expert is already on my kindle and soon to be released. So, the waiting won’t be long now.

It’s now Lyla’s story. She is “The Thief”. She has mad lock picking and pickpocketing skills. Roman (Ethans second in charge man/friend) keeps trying to keep Lyla safe but she is also good at getting away.

Here is the Reading Order:
The Hacker 0.5 – Devon Chase
The Con Artist – Piper Clayton
The Thief – Lyla
The Expert – Quinn

I hope you like Daddy Kink because this series takes it to a higher level. (in other words there is a LOT of Daddy Domineering going on) spanking/whipping going on etc. Things happen, people die, read the warning. (remember dark romance). If you have triggers proceed with caution.

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I control everything about her life… she just doesn’t know it.
Despite her dangerous profession she has an air of naïve innocence.
It makes her weak, vulnerable… easy prey for a man like me.
Until now, I’ve been content to stay in the shadows, but someone has made a deadly mistake, they have threatened what’s mine.
My little one is about to understand that Daddy is done watching.
It’s time I claim my babygirl.This is a dark romance daddy dom series. There are no sweet hugs and kisses from these domineering daddies. You’ve been warned. Note: This is part of a continuing series and not a stand-alone.
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Lita T’s Review: 

Bad Babygirl: The Expert (Bad Babygirls #3) by Zoe Blake This is Quinn’s story. After the death of her father like the rest she didn’t have much except her sister Julie. Julie was the one to get the Babygirls together. Due to the events of the night of Julie’s revenge Qunn is now an expert gunsmith. Her skills are renowned and sought after by many. Ryder a world known assassin uses her services. She too is in danger from her past and is now under the protection of Ryder. He has been keeping an eye out on Quinn for years. Ryder has had a thing for Quinn for quite some time and this situation allows for him to let her know how he feels. Of course his kink is Daddy kink like the others. By this book I wasn’t in quite as much of a state of wow as in the previous books. The kink in these books is definitely not for the faint of heart. Crazy conclusion to the rescue of Lyla. Loved the ending of this story between Quinn and Ryder because it gave me a glimpse of their beginning. I would love to read more about each couple from this series. Nice way to end this series. 3.5 stars for me.

Bad Babygirl: The Expert (Bad Babygirls, #3)Bad Babygirl: The Expert by Zoe Blake

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bad Babygirl: The Expert is 3.5 in the Bad Babygirls Series. It’s finally Quinn’s turn for her story.

Well if you ask me each story gets better and this book is the best of the series. Ryder (sniper) gets his guns from Quinn (She is known as the Expert).

Quinn gets the word Run texted to her. Ryder shows up in time to rescue and claims her as “his own”

Again, the Daddy Kink is for me almost over the top and there is one scene that had my jaw dropping and saying no, no, no. Even though there is some noncom going on the girls in this book seem to love it. Do read the warning!!! This book could have triggers for some.

There is a reading order for these books.

Here is the Reading Order:
The Hacker 0.5 – Devon Chase
The Con Artist – Piper Clayton
The Thief – Lyla
The Expert – Quinn Frazer

The Expert is the last book in this series and there is an HEA of sorts and my questions were answered.


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Author Bio

USA TODAY Bestselling Author in Dark Romance & Horror.

There is something delicious in our desire for the corrupt, our ravenous appetite for the brutal, the profane, the unspeakable. The taboo. I write the type of books that give you a frisson of unease; that will have you questioning your own resolve as I take you on a dark ride of twists, kinks and perversions of both the flesh and mind. Enjoy the blush and tremble as you read each decadent word. XOXO Zoe

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